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Bad joke Friday

LAUGH SOME MORE: With the weekend on our doorstep, we thought we’d give you something to laugh about with some more Friday funnies, although some of these jokes are as bad as the ones told by professional players in the videos at the end of this story.


1. Why did the dog not want to play rugby? It was a boxer.

2. Why do grasshoppers not go to many rugby matches? They prefer cricket matches

3. Why was Cinderella such a lousy rugby player? She had a pumpkin for a coach.

4. What tea do rugby players drink? Penaltea!

5. How do hens cheer for their favourite team? They egg them on

6. The Pencil Rugby Club played the Pen Rugby Club at rugby recently. It ended up as a draw.


7. What insect lives in your mats and is good at scoring tries? The Rug Bee.

8. A friend of mine is a scrumhalf but be will never make it as a senior member of the legal profession. He’s far too quick to judge.

Enough of our jokes. Here are some England and Stormers players trying their best not to laugh at some bad jokes.


Source: England Rugby & DHL Africa

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