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VIDEO: To tee, no problem

WATCH as La Rochelle flyhalf and former Maori All Black Ihaia West executed a conversion perfectly without a kicking tee.


The flyhalf opted to take a conversion without the use of a tee, just placing the ball on the ground, taking rugby back to the amateur days in the process when kickers used to ram their heel into the ground to create their β€˜tee’.

The Sand was the next step up after that before tees took over, and plenty of money must have been spent since then by clubs and players on them.

But West showed that none of that is necessary at all.

Maybe that is not strictly true, but he did get the kick over. It was not the most attractive of kicks from just outside the 22, and the connection made an odd thumping sound before the ball swirled its way over the posts, but the important thing is that he made it.




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