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Tue 9 Jun 2020 | 09:46

Bulls 'relief fund' lets cash trickle down to grassroots

Bulls 'relief fund' lets cash trickle down to grassroots
Tue 9 Jun 2020 | 09:46
Bulls 'relief fund' lets cash trickle down to grassroots

NEWS: The Blue Bulls Company and Blue Bulls Rugby Union have establishing a ‘relief fund’ – aimed at assisting employees and those that serve in club and community rugby.

This essential and ground-breaking initiative in the rugby industry has been kick started by the generosity of our amazing shareholders, Remgro and Patrice Motsepe, together with their main sponsor.

Collectively they have contributed ZAR1,5-million to get the project off the ground.

Willem Strauss, President of the Blue Bulls Rugby Union, outlined the importance of the fund, while also hailing the shareholders and sponsor as heroes.

“There are hundreds of dedicated people that pour their hearts and souls into keeping rugby alive and well in our communities,” Strauss said.

“For many of them this is their only source of income, and at a time like this, with no rugby action, this fund is literally the difference between a meal or not.

“I’d like to humbly and sincerely express our gratitude to our shareholders Remgro, Motsepe and our title sponsor, Vodacom.

“Their contribution re-emphasizes their commitment to all Blue Bulls stakeholders and not just the Professional game. This combined effort highlights the amazing synergy and relationship between the three shareholders and Vodacom. We are honoured to have partners that understand the needs of the people and the community.”

Pieter Uys, Chairman of the Blue Bulls Company, reiterated the importance of the fund.

“It is important in these difficult times to make a difference and to support our Blue Bulls people and clubs as they are the heart of our wonderful brand.

“Sustaining the support structures at clubs and community levels during this time is essential for the future of the game in the region. It not only assists the individuals involved but also ensures a smooth restart when we get to that stage. I’d like to once again thank the shareholders for their generosity, and especially Vodacom for showing that they are more than a sponsor to the Bulls.”

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