Mon 1 Apr 2019 | 11:36

CONFIRMED: Border shuts up shop

CONFIRMED: Border shuts up shop
Mon 1 Apr 2019 | 11:36
CONFIRMED: Border shuts up shop

The Border Rugby Union has no home and the provincial team will play no games for the next two years.

This was confirmed on Monday by Brazil Haddad, appointed by the South African Rugby Union as an interim administrator of the bankrupt union.

Haddad told @rugby365com that they are in the process of handing over the Buffalo City Stadium to the East London city council.

“We have four staff members, who are working from home,” Haddad said.

This is all part of the process of winding down the administration of the BRU.

The latest development comes after the BRU was suspended from membership of SARU as a consequence of its dire financial position and on-going administration issues in October last year.

The BRU’s financial woes go back as far as 2014, when a SARU administrator was first appointed to take limited financial oversight.

Haddad on Monday confirmed media reports the first time in the 126-year history of the union it goes not have an official home or headquarters.

He confirmed that the city council will now cover the running costs of the stadium – which amounts to ZAR90,000 per month.

Buffalo City Stadium was previously known as the Basil Kenyon Stadium.

By Jan de Koning

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