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Tue 26 Nov 2019 | 05:32

Elite mentorship for young men

Elite mentorship for young men
Tue 26 Nov 2019 | 05:32
Elite mentorship for young men

SPOTLIGHT: Coaching rugby is a privilege, not a right!

This is part of the philosophy that drives the Elite Sport Mentorship programme – fronted by two-time Junior World Cup-winning coach Eugene Eloff.

“You have an opportunity to touch and form lives, providing young men with crucial tools and the direction to help them go through life with their heads held high,” Eloff says.

“A good coach becomes a mentor and if you do what you do with passion, discipline and love you stay life long friends.

“Been loving what I do for the past 30 years!”

Now young men have a chance to learn from Eloff and his group.

From February 12 to 18 ESM will field 12 Under-14 players and 12 Under-16 players in the annual prestigious Lisbon Junior Rugby Sevens International Tournament.

If players are keen to be part of this mission, they can visit the Elite Sport Mentorship Facebook page and get more information on the programme!


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