Tue 27 Aug 2019 | 04:20

Etzebeth focussing on World Cup despite more calls for his arrest

Etzebeth focussing on World Cup despite more calls for his arrest
Tue 27 Aug 2019 | 04:20
Etzebeth focussing on World Cup despite more calls for his arrest

NEWS: Eben Etzebeth says he has been assured by police that he will not be implicated in an assault case following allegations that he was involved an unsavoury incident in Langebaan at the weekend.

The accusations against Etzebeth – based on a grainy and dark video that shows very little – suggested he had assaulted and pointed a gun at a homeless man in the West Coast town.

WARNING: Video contains profanities!

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Etzebeth took to Facebook over the weekend to refute the claims and deny any wrongdoing.

The 27-year-old has since told Netwerk24 that he has spoken to police about the incident.

“They said everything is fine. Now I can just focus on the World Cup,” said Etzebeth.

On Sunday there was swift calls from a political group, the Khoisan Defiance Campaign, for the Springbok to be axed and arrested for assault.

Another statement was released by the group on Tuesday.

Full statement below:

The investigating officer of SAPS Langebaan is about to handover the police docket of hardcore evidence, witness statements and accounts of the racist attack, assault and human rights violations that allegedly involves Eben Etzebeth. The investigating officer are ready to handover his docket to the State Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to decide whether to prosecute or not. We have one of our local attorneys, Mr Nigel Samuels hands on this case as we are on record to pursue justice for the people of Langebaan.

We are confident of our evidence and in the police investigations. We are confidently awaiting the speedy arrests of Eben Etzebeth in the next couple of days. He must account to the racist allegations of assault levelled against him. Furthermore we have seek legal council to pursue this matter to the highest office of the prosecuting authority should the local police ignore witness accounts, facts and affidavits provided to them by the witnesses. However want to put in on record that we are pleased with the manner in which the investigating officer handled the matter thus far. These evidence will form the basis of the criminal acts of violence, abuse, assault and discrimination against people of colour in Langebaan. We will continue to monitor the criminal police investigation and progress into the matter.

We assure the public that our outcry and stance is not about sensation or a witch hunt against Etzebeth but it is about a constitutional principle that all men are equal. It is about seeking justice, equality, the rule of law and human rights for the marginalised and vulnerable in society. The people of Langebaan seeks justice for all. People cant or has no right to discriminate on the basis of our skin colour. This country has a serious problem with crime, violence, murder, corruption, inequality, poverty and racism.

Lastly to Rassie Erasmus you owe the Coloureds of Langebaan an apology for your bias, prejudice and uninformed statement yesterday where you told the media that there is no case but just a rumour. You have not consulted the relevant authorities. Watch out for the police at your training camp. No man is above the law.

We are confident in the evidence at hand and of an arrest soon after tomorrow. We are thankful that both white and the coloured community came forward with evidence to the police and to the attorney, Mr Samuels.

Khoisan Defiance Campaign


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