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The latest casualty of WPRFU 'war'

BREAKING NEWS: The escalating Western Province Rugby Football Union boardroom battles have claimed another high-profile casualty.


Peter Jooste has become the latest member of the WPRFU executive committee to hand in his resignation.

Jooste, who ran for President against Zelt Marais in 2018, handed in his resignation on Friday.

This follows a tumultuous period – especially the last few weeks – that saw an increasing amount of animosity in the power struggles that have taken the once-proud union to the brink of bankruptcy.

The latest resignation follows other high-profile departures such as Kevin Kiewitz and Spencer King, while Junaid Moerat and Mario Williams have been suspended.

Williams challenged his suspension in the Cape high court on Friday, but was told he has to face a WPRFU disciplinary hearing next Thursday, September 23.

Moerat also challenged his suspension and succeeded in halting his disciplinary process. His case in the high court is ongoing.


In the reasons for his resignation, Jooste said the ongoing infighting is at the heart of his decision.

He pointed to an earlier statement by Ebrahim Rasool, Chairman of the board of WP Professional Rugby (Pty) Ltd, as an example of the friction that contributed to his decision.

“The statement by Mr Rasool is indicative of the division and bad blood that had set in at both the union and the company,” Jooste said in a statement to @rugby365com.

“WP Rugby has become beset with poor governance, disregard of our constitution, our MOI and our policies of which the leadership should be the guardians.


“We have a dysfunctional board, a divided executive committee with our clubs suffering the brunt of the infighting and positioning of individuals.

“Never in close to 30 years have we witnessed slate politics and factionalism as we are now experiencing.

“WP has always been blessed with leaders who were true to the mandate given to them.

“Sadly, this is no longer the case and I cannot be a party to the demise of WP Rugby through the intent and actions of individuals who do not have the best interests of rugby and our clubs at heart.”

In his letter of resignation Jooste also makes reference to the infighting that has beset the union.

“Serving the game has become secondary to a thirst for power and control,” he said.

“Lip service is paid to governance, to the interests of clubs and to clean administration.

“As the leadership, we have lost the moral high-ground to lead and in its place, is disrespect, a dysfunctional organisation and downright antagonism that is leading a once-proud organisation to the brink of a precipice.

“I cannot be part of such leadership.

“We cannot allow a small destructive clique to continue destroying the proud traditions of WP Rugby and reducing us to the laughing stock of South African and global rugby.

“As much as I love serving rugby and as much as I continue caring for the game we all profess to serve, I can no longer do so with a clear conscience, knowing what the nefarious plans are of those who are driven by self-interest.”


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