Wed 20 Dec 2017 | 12:04

WP investigates 'racial incident'

WP investigates 'racial incident'
Wed 20 Dec 2017 | 12:04
WP investigates 'racial incident'

The union, already embroiled in a protracted court case as a result of their professional arm having been declared bankrupt last, confirmed that they are investigating an incident that happened at the recent Cape Town Sevens.

According to the Afrikaans network, Netwerk24, WPRU vice-president Gerald Njengele stands accused of launching a verbal and racial attack on Jessie Claassen, the national manager of the Vuka Rugby Programme.

WPRU President Thelo Wakefield confirmed to rugby365 that he is "aware of the complaint" against Njengele.

"The matter is sub judice and we will handle the matter according to [the requirements of ] legal proceedings," Wakefield told rugby365.

According to the report, the incident started when Claassen refused to shake Njengele's hand.

The pair had reportedly clashed back in August already.

Njengele allegedly responded by saying: "F**k you white people, f**k the coloureds. I'm a clever darkie. I don't need your f*****g money."

Njengele was not available for comment, but according to Netwerk24 he has denied making those comments.

The Vuka Rugby Programme is a South African Rugby Union-affiliated initiative that aims to cater for development in the country.

By Jan de Koning

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