Sat 11 Nov 2017 | 10:06

Oceania Sevens: Fiji & NZ win

Oceania Sevens: Fiji & NZ win
Sat 11 Nov 2017 | 10:06
Oceania Sevens: Fiji & NZ win

The Papua New Guinea Men’s side has qualified for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast of Australia in April, the Sevens World Series and for the Sevens Rugby World Cup. Papua New Guinea's women qualified for World Rugby's Sevens series in Sydney in January 2018 and the Women’s  Sevens Rugby World Cup to be played in San Francisco in July 2018.

The weather gave the tournament headaches. It threatened on Day 1 but on Day 2 lightning forced the cancellation of six matches.

Day 1 Results   

American Samoa, 24-5
New Zealand vs Cook Islands, 36-0
Australia vs Tonga, 24-7
Samoa vs Papua New Guinea, 31-14
Vanuatu vs Tuvalu, 24-12
Fiji vs New Caledonia, 35-0
New Zealand vs Nauru, 46-0
Australia vs Solomon Islands, 51-0
Samoa vs Tuvalu, 50-0
Papua New Guinea vs Vanuatu, 33-0
American Samoa vs New Caledonia, 14-14
Cook Islands vs Nauru, 27-0
Tonga vs Solomon Islands, 7-0
Samoa vs Vanuatu, 40-0
Papua New Guinea vs Tuvalu, 26-10

Day 2 Results 


Fiji vs  Cook Islands, 57-0
Samoa vs  Tonga, 45-0
New Zealand vs  American Samoa, 58-0
Australia vs  Papua New Guinea, 22-21


9-12th place
New Caledonia vs  Nauru,  34-10
Solomon Islands vs  Vanuatu,  19-0

5-8th Place
Cook Islands vs Tonga, 12-5
Papua New Guinea vs  American Samoa, 22-7

1st-4th Place
Fiji vs Samoa, 17-7
New Zealand vs Australia, 31-0

3rd-4th Place
Australia vs Samoa, cancelled. Australia won on points scored in previous matches.


Fiji vs New Zealand, 26-0


Australia vs Papua New Guinea, 25- 7
New Zealand vs Fiji, 24- 0

4-5th Place
Samoa vs Tahiti, 59-0
Cook Islands vs Tonga, 29-0

New Zealand vs Australia, 12-5

3rd Place
Fiji vs Papua New Guinea, 39-0

Winners Down the Years


2008: Samoa
2009: Samoa
2010: Australia
2011: Samoa
2012: Australia
2013: Samoa
2014: Fiji
2015: Australia
2016: Fiji
2017: Fiji


2008: Australia
2012: New Zealand
2013: Australia
2014: New Zealand
2015: Fiji
2016: Australia
2017: New Zealand

PV: 2
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