Sat 20 Jul 2019 | 12:26

World Rugby's U20 Trophy Play-offs

World Rugby's U20 Trophy Play-offs
Sat 20 Jul 2019 | 12:26
World Rugby's U20 Trophy Play-offs

The pool matches in World Rugby’s Under-20 Trophy tournament, taking place in Brazil, are over, and the play-offs take place on Sunday, 21 July 2019.

There are three teams unbeaten after the pool matches – Japan, Portugal and Uruguay who have a drawn match.

The climax to the tournament is the final between Japan and Portugal. the winner of the final will be promoted to World Rugby’s Under-20 Championship in 2020, taking the place of Scotland which is to be demoted to the Trophy.

The referee for the final is 36-year-old Damián Schneider of Argentina, a man with international experience at 15s and Sevens.

Pool Standings

Pool A
1 Japan – 15 points
2 Uruguay – 11 points
3 Kenya – 5 points
4 Brazil – 2 points

Pool B
1 Portugal – 15 points
2 Tonga – 10 points
3 Canada – 7 points
4 Hong Kong – 1 point

The play-offs will continue to be played at Estadio Martins Pereira in São Jose dos Campos, a city in southeastern Brazil.

Day 4 Fixtures with Match Officials

7th Place Play-off: Brazil vs Hong Kong
Referee: Federico Vedovelli (Italy)
Assistant referees: Nehuén Jauri (Argentina), Frank Mendez (Chile)

5th Place Play-off: Kenya vs Canada
Referee: Luke Rogan (USA)
Assistant referees: Gonzalo Ventoso (Uruguay), Matías Esteban (Uruguay)

3rd Place Play-Off: Uruguay vs Tonga
Referee: Nehuén Jauri (Argentina)
Assistant referees: Cauã Ricardo (Brazil), Frank Mendez (Chile)

Final: Japan vs Portugal
Referee: Damian Schneider (Argentina)
Assistant referees: Luke Rogan (USA), Cauã Ricardo (Brazil)
Goal judges: Gonzalo Ventoso (Uruguay), Matías Esteban (Uruguay)

PV: 476

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