Sat 30 Apr 2022 | 08:00

Zelt's lawyers demand Jurie's head on a platter

Zelt's lawyers demand Jurie's head on a platter
Sat 30 Apr 2022 | 08:00
Zelt's lawyers demand Jurie's head on a platter

NEWLANDS UPDATE: Despite already facing 13 charges and possible more disciplinary hearings, suspended Western Province Rugby Football Union President Zelt Marais is unrelenting in his stand-off with the South African Rugby Union.


Mark Carl Meyer, of the law firm N. Allen attorneys, this week wrote a letter to re-elected SARU President Mark Alexander – ‘demanding’ the suspension of CEO Jurie Roux by Tuesday, May 3.

Claiming to act on behalf of WPRFU, they also ‘demand’ that the national body “avails WPRFU of the annual financial statements of SARU since 2010”.

“WPRFU are entitled to such documents and needs same in order to satisfy itself that SARU has practised good governance in regard to its functions as set out in the constitution of SARU,” the letter to Alexander states.

They continue to suggest if their demands are not met, they will approach the appropriate court for a “requisite interdictory and ancillary relief”.

The latest development follows a report by @rugby365com earlier this month that Marais may well be ready to play his trump card in his stand-off with SARU. [Read the article HERE!]

This follows the blunt warning from SARU administrator Rian Oberholzer, that any individual or club associating with or supporting Marais will pay a hefty price.


As @rugby365com reported Marais – as a result of his ongoing behaviour – will most likely face two sets of disciplinary action in the near future. [Read the article HERE!]

Marais, who persists with the claim that he is the legitimate WPRFU President, has already been served by SARU and will face 13 charges at a disciplinary hearing.

Now, through his attorneys, he landed a counterpunch with the demand that SARU suspends Roux and hand over the last 10 years of financial reports.

He also continues to dispute the legality of the decision by SARU to place WPRFU under administration in October last year and suspend him as President of the union.


In a statement on October 12 last year SARU said the powers of clause 29 allow for the “assumption of responsibility for the affairs of unions…[including] the suspension from office of their elected and/or appointed officials, and the appointment by SARU of administrators, who shall assume all decision-making powers of the unions at both governance and operational levels, and who shall have the authority to direct employees, including chief executive officers, on a day to day basis, such administrators to report and be accountable to and to take direction from the executive council“.


* The lawyer’s letter in full below …

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