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A woman's place in the kitchen?

A woman must be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen! That is what many woman were 'degraded' to in the 1950s and '60s.

Thankfully, life has changed and woman are in most cases seen as equals.

Women's rugby has also started to blossom and honestly the female teams from Australia, England and New Zealand, their backs have more attacking and passing skills than the Springboks!

AussieBoer was, for two seasons, the Maties Woman's coach.

As I was coaching somewhere else and had Ian Kirkpatrick as a mentor and my assistant coach, I was asked to get involved at Maties.

I was hesitant as I was not sure if I agree that woman, the most beautiful creatures, should tackle, scrum and clean out rucks etc.

However, to be part of the Maties culture was priceless.A woman's place in the kitchen?

It was a mind shift; as a coach I'm normally have 'take no-nonsense' approach.

I had to be more sensitive, as nails could break, bras could snap and all other things woman experience.

Girls could break out in to tears without given notice.

I, however, had the time of my life. They were the first woman's team to ever run out on to Coetzenburg and beat the number one team that day.

I wondered what Doc Craven would have thought of the idea that ladies were running out on the Maties' holy ground.

Women's rugby will get bigger as Sevens is going to be at the Olympic Games in 2016!

* What do you think of woman's rugby?

* Will you let your wife or daughter take up rugby?

* Robbie Fleck on women's rugby!


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