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If players were cars

Tis the season of 13th cheques, being festive and rewarding yourself for all the hard work done in the year with some splurging.

It's also the season where budgets are worked out for the year ahead and many would now be able to afford that new car they have dreamt about.

Everyone has their personal reasons for buying a certain type of vehicle, such as: fuel economy, price, comfort, performance and brand loyalty but have you ever considered purchasing your next vehicle based on characteristic of your favourite player?

Tauriq Ebrahim delves into the world of automobiles to find which best describe some of the world's premier players.

Agustin 'Get out of myIf players were cars way' Creevy

The Argentine captain has a no nonsense approach to the game and will run over anything in his path. His brutal tackles and power at scrum time makes him a perfect choice for a big, rugged SUV.

If players were cars


Sergio 'Gadget guy' Parisse

The heartbeat of the Italians possesses powerful surges but it more his impressive handle skills that makes him an ideal candidate for a powerful vehicle tricked out with all the bell's and whistles.

If players were cars

  Israel 'Quick-step' Folau

The Wallabies' fullback burst onto the scene with amazing finishing prowess and some neat footwork, combine that with massive acceleration and the ability to change direction at high speed, and you have the recipe for a German supercar.

Julian 'Catch me if you can' SaveaIf players were cars

The wing has been touted as being better than the legendary Jonah Lomu. Well, with explosive pace, a huge engine and a take no prisoners effort, you can be forgiven for thinking that. The only car which shares these characteristics can only be found, as the English would say, across the pond.

If players were cars


Tevita 'I will run over you' Kuridrani

When size, power and speed combine, it makes for a lethal cocktail. That's the weapon Australia has in their midfield. With ball-in-hand, he attacks the gaps like a man possessed and if there is no gap, he will make one appear…even if it means, running over a player or two.

If players were cars

Richie 'Never fails' McCaw

The one you can rely on day-in and day-out. When it comes to putting in the hard yards for the entire match, McCaw is probably the first name that will pop into your head. He is durable, reliable and extremely hard working. An ideal choice would be a vehicle that won't let you down but also provides comfort for those long trips.

If players were carsDan 'Please don't breakdown' Carter

Remember the first car you were given? Probably a second-hand beater, given to you by parents once you became a legal driver. The car you swore to never get rid of no matter what trouble it gave you. Engine failure, broken exhaust, brakes failing. No matter what happened to it, you spent the time fixing it back up. We have to go look to the late 80's, early 90's to find the perfect fit.

Duane 'Monster truck' VermeulenIf players were cars

Vermeulen was a stand-out performer this year with powerful runs and a take-no-prisoners attitude. He is definitely not someone you want to run into in a dark alley or pick a fight with. A massive frame who leaves anyone he tackles with lasting bruises. The Springbok No.8 loves the contact area and what's more perfect than a huge Monster Truck to compare him to.

If players were carsVictor 'Old faithful' Matfield

An international career that spans 14 years, his engine is as strong as ever. The body might need to be held together with metres of tape and the mileage is higher than a rapper at a concert but it just keeps on going. Much like an old fashioned bakkie, don't you think?


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Tauriq Ebrahim



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