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Liven up your betting experience

Imagine this: your favourite sports team is losing a match… and, as a result, your pre-match bet is not looking too flash either. Well, leading South African sports betting website,, could have a solution for you., in conjunction with Betradar is launching a new live betting option, which will keep you involved in a sporting event – from the first set to the fifth set in tennis… from the first minute to the 90th minute (in soccer) and from the first wicket to the last in cricket.

This new live betting option means that punters will be able to bet on a number of outcomes, live as an event – coupled with all the regular dramatic twists and turns – is taking place.

For instance, people could bet on a big Springbok Test match from the 60th minute onwards – as the substitutions are being made and after some interesting refereeing decisions; think the 2011 World Cup quarterfinal against the Wallabies in Wellington?

A game of tennis like the recent Australian Open Final between Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal was a once-in-a-lifetime clash. However, with‘s live betting, punters could have altered or updated their bets as the match changed momentum in the near six hours that it lasted.

It all adds up to a better – and more entertaining – betting experience; livening up the entire match, or tournament, in the process. will provide its live betting odds in conjunction with Betradar, with over twenty live games being covered daily in South Africa and internationally (a first in the country) – Soccer, tennis cricket and rugby being the most popular of the live sports on offer.

Betradar has, since its inception in 2001, become the premium partner in the betting industry, offering a wide range of products and customised solutions to over 300 bookmakers worldwide.

The Betradar Live Odds range of solutions are the most comprehensive live betting services in the market, offering in excess of 4,000 events per month, and up to 100 bet ‘types’ per match. have worked hard at integrating the Betradar Live Odds feed into their own platform and are now able to offer an extremely diverse in-running product to their end users.

Globally, the growth in the live betting markets has been exceptional, and a lot of this can be attributed to entertainment value. In the day and age of instant access to information and entertainment it makes sense that the gambling industry evolved to follow suit, and have taken a firm step towards meeting this demand.

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