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Nigel Owens' take on Faf's fake yellow card

REACTION: Australian scrumhalf Nic White was very fortunate that celebrated former referee Nigel Owens was not in charge of the Wallabies’ win over the Springboks at the weekend.


White’s ‘fake it’ moment just before half-time has not only caused a proverbial meltdown on social media, but has stirred up a reaction from the now retired legendary referee, Owens.

In the 39th minute the Wallaby No.9, White, milked a yellow card after he received a glancing blow to the moustache from opposite number Francois de Klerk.

White looked up at the referee and then dropped to the ground in a crumbling heap following the minor brush with his face.

New Zealand referee Referee Paul Williams bought the act, worthy of an Oscar, and issued De Klerk with a yellow card for ‘making contact with the head’.

The incident has caused a massive fall-out, with all and sundry ridiculing the Australian for his antics.

Owens, also very active on social media, admitted that White would not have gotten away with it if he was in charge.


“White was lucky Nigel Owens was not refereeing this game,” Eduardo Aldama said on Twitter.

Owens’ reply was brief and to the point: “He certainly was.”

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The legendary former match official also dismissed the notion that attempting to slap the ball out of an opponent’s hand is illegal.

“What was Francois even trying to do,” asked Brendan Shields, adding: “If he got the ball it still would have been a penalty. White made a meal of it, but it’s still head contact.”


However, the former referee disagreed.

“Not necessarily,” Owens said, adding: “If he had knocked the ball back it would have been play on.”

White was also mocked at the airport on Sunday, as he and his teammates departed for Sydney ahead of this coming Saturday’s return match.

And the memes on social media were also flying in.



Nic White meme

Nic White meme

Nic White meme

Nic White meme

Nic White meme

Nic White meme

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