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Rugby quiz: Can you finally get 10 out of 10?

BRAINTEASER: @rugby365com‘s quizmaster Paul Dobson has produced what must surely be his easiest quiz yet. But can you finally get 10 out of 10?


You will see your score at the end of the quiz and can challenge your friends and rivals.

We will provide the answers to this quiz in the next one, so you can see what the correct answers were.

Be honest and do it on your own and get your own score, not Google’s answers! Nobody needs to know your score except you yourself, but it may stimulate an interest in rugby’s history.

Good luck and enjoy!

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1. In what year did South Africa wear green jerseys for the first time.
a 1891, b 1896; c 1903.
2. Who was the Springbok fullback who made his debut against France in 1967?
a HO de Villiers; b Lionel Wilson; c Gysie Pienaar.
3. Name the Springbok centre who became a cabinet minister.
a Japie Krige; b Lucas Strachan; c Frank Warring.
4. He played for New Zealand and Northern Transvaal and was a National Party Member of Parliament. Who is he?
a Graham Thorne; b Jamie Salmon; c Ron Elvidge.
5. Canterbury won the Ranfurly Shield at the end of 2019. Whom did they beat to take possession of it?
a Auckland; b Otago; c Canterbury.
6. As a schoolboy he played for Western Province in South Africa. As a senior international he played for Australia. As a student he played for Cambridge University in England. Who was he?
a Dan Vickerman; b Clyde Rathbone; c Kepler Wessels
7. Which Irish province would play home matches at Thomond Park?
a Connacht; b Leinster; c Munster.
8. Name the referee who refereed the 1980 Tests between South Africa and the Jaguars.
a Francis Palmade; b Derek Bevan; c Ken Rowlands.
9. Sir Bill Beaumont is the chairman of World rugby. Who was the chairman before him?
a Vernon Pugh; b Syd Millar; c Bernard Lapasset.
10. South Africa won the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Who played against them in the semifinal?
a Australia; b France; c Wales.


1. 1896
2. HO de Villiers
3. Frank Warring
4. Graham Thorne
5. Otago
6. Dan Vickerman
7. Munster
8. Ken Rowland
9. Bernard Lapasset
10. Wales

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