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Rugby quiz: Crossword-style test

BRAINTEASER: John Gardener, a Rhodes scholar and rugby fanatic, has produced a crossword-style examination of your knowledge.


You will see your score at the end of the quiz and can challenge your friends and rivals.

We will provide the answers to this quiz in the next one, so you can see what the correct answers were.

Be honest and do it on your own and get your own score, not Google’s answers! Nobody needs to know your score except you yourself, but it may stimulate an interest in rugby’s history.

Good luck and enjoy!

Previous quiz

1. Grand Chelem is French. What is it in English?
2. Which country was the first to beat England at Twickenham?
3. What was the 22 before decimalisation?
4. Who took over from Joe Schmidt as coach of Ireland?
5. He played on the flank for Scottish Schools and is currently 15th in the line of succession to the British throne. Name him.
6. In 1949, he established a world record by kicking five penalty goals in a Test match. Name him.
7. What really is Os du Randt’s first name?
8. In 1995, he scored four tries in a World Cup semifinal. Name him.
9. In what year was a rugby international first broadcast on television/
10. Which English club uses The Stoop at Twickenham as its home ground?


1. Grand Slam
2. South Africa
3. 25
4. Andy Farrell
5. Peter Phillips
6. Okey Geffin
7. Jacobus
8. Jonah Lomu
9. 1972
10. Harlequins

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