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Rugby quiz: Surely you won't even get 50 percent?

BRAINTEASER: @rugby365com‘s oracle Paul Dobson keeps easing up on the adversity of the challenge, but can you actually pass the 50 percent mark?


You will see your score at the end of the quiz and can challenge your friends and rivals.

We will provide the answers to this quiz in the next one, so you can see what the correct answers were.

Be honest and do it on your own and get your own score, not Google’s answers! Nobody needs to know your score except you yourself, but it may stimulate an interest in rugby’s history.

Good luck and enjoy!

Previous quiz

1. When a penalty try is awarded, is the conversion kicked, yes or no?
2. Coenraad Frederik Strydom played scrumhalf for South Africa. What was his most frequently used nickname?
3. Argentina’s senior representative team is known as the Pumas. What name is used for the Under-20 team?
4. Which country’s national team is known as the Azzurri?
5. A player is ahead of a team-mate who kicks the ball downfield. Is that player offside or offsides?
6. In which city would you find the headquarters of World Rugby?
7. In 1965, South Africa played a two-Test series in Australia. Who won the series?
8. In 1989, Tim Horan and Jason Little were paired together in a Test for the first time, when Australia played France. in what city was the match played?
9. Name the All Black wing who was knighted mainly for his work against depression.
10. Talonneur is the French word for a position in a rugby team. What would be the English equivalent?


1. No
2. Popeye
3. Pumitas
4. Italy
5. Offside
6. Dublin
7. Australia
8. Strasbourg
9. John Kirwan
10 Hooker

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