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The real rankings for 2019 revealed

SPOTLIGHT: World Rugby’s hot-button rankings remain a powder keg in the game.


It is also a source of great amusement!

Now that it looks likely that 2020 will see very little, if any, rugby again, perhaps it is a good time to look back at what the World Cup year produced.

The year finished with the World Champions Springboks in the first place – South Africa (94.19) ending a 10-year drought, displacing New Zealand (92.19) in the No.1 spot.

England (88.82), Wales (85.02) and Ireland (84.45) were next best.

But is this a true reflection of their 2019 performances?

We decided to look at each team’s form (including win percentages) for the year.


It is not a surprise to see South Africa and New Zealand also fill the top two spots, based on 2019 form.

Below we take a look at the ‘real’ rankings for the year!

First, here is the World Rugby rankings …

World rankings

South Africa

World ranking = One

2019 record
Twelve matches = 10 wins, one draw and one defeat (83.3 percent)

New Zealand

World ranking = Two

2019 record
Twelve matches = Eight wins, two draws, two defeats (66.7 percent) [one draw was a cancelled World Cup match]


World ranking = Three


2019 record
Sixteen matches = 11 wins, two draws and three defeats (68.8 percent) [one draw was a cancelled World Cup match]


World ranking = Four

2019 record
Sixteen matches – 11 wins, five defeats (68.8 percent)


World ranking = Five

2019 record
Fourteen matches = Nine wins, five defeats (64.3 percent)


World ranking = Six

2019 record
Ten matches = Six wins, four defeats (60 percent)


World ranking = Seven

2019 record
Thirteen matches = Sevens wins, one draw, five defeats (53.8 percent) [draw was a cancelled World Cup match]


World ranking = Eight

2019 record
Nine matches = Seven wins, two defeats (77.8 percent)


World ranking = Nine

2019 record
Thirteen matches = Six wins, one draw, six defeats
(46.2 percent)


World ranking = Ten

2019 record
Eight matches = Two wins, six defeats (25 percent)


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