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You'll run out of superlatives to describe these phenomenal set-pieces

Being on the receiving end of a superbly executed set-piece may knock the stuffing out of you but for the neutral, seeing a defence have no answer to an attacking move is something that will remain a memory for years to come.


Be it an 8-9 wrap-around from the back of a scrum, or dummy runners running multiples lines to confuse the defenders, these set-piece moves have been etched in the history books as some of the best to have ever been tried on the field of play.

Words such as “sensational”, “beautiful”, “magnificent”, “what a play”, “a wonderful move” and “very difficult to defend” have been used by commentators the world over.

So sit back and reminisce on some of these majestic plays that ran smoother than a new car.

Source: Andrew Forde

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