Sat 14 Jul 2018 | 04:46

2018 Craven Week Ends

2018 Craven Week Ends
Sat 14 Jul 2018 | 04:46
2018 Craven Week Ends

The last day of the 2018 Craven Week was a good day for Western Province Schools.


Both their teams – Western Province and Western Province XV – ended the tournament of 18 teams and 27 matches unbeaten. The only other unbeaten side was the powerful Border team. The Academy Week Western Province team were massive winners in the main match of the day, played at Paarl Gim.

In the prestigious final match Western Province beat the Sharks 47-8. Earlier in the day the Western Province XV had beaten the Blue Bulls – the main Blue Bulls team at Craven Week. The XV led 15-0 at half time but in the second half the Blue Bulls fought back. The final score was 20-16.

The Golden Lions were much too good for Boland winning 51-12 after leading 32-7 at half-time.

Results Day 5

Blue Bulls XV vs Golden Lions XV, 29-17
Border vs Free State, 33-17
Eastern Province vs Leopards, 21-10
Golden Lions vs Boland, 51-12
Griffons vs Valke, 22-19
Griquas vs Limpopo, 24-15
South Western Districts vs Pumas, 48-14
Western Province vs Sharks, 47-8
Western Province XV vs Blue Bulls, 20-16

The Week’s Results


Day 1

Border vs Limpopo, 68-17
Golden Lions vs Eastern Province, 44-25
Griffons vs Blue Bulls XV, 51-17
Western Province vs Pumas, 72-10

Day 2

Boland vs Griquas, 61-14
Free State vs Blue Bulls, 38-21
Sharks vs South Western Districts, 46-28
Valke vs Leopards, 63-24
Western Province XV vs Golden Lions XV, 57-15


Day 3

Blue Bulls XV vs Limpopo, 55-5
Border vs Griffons, 52-12
Pumas vs Eastern Province, 45-29
Western Province vs Golden Lions, 13-5

Day 4

Boland vs Blue Bulls, 19-17
Leopards vs Griquas, 17-6
Sharks vs Free State, 29-20
South Western Districts vs Golden Lions XV, 38-26
Western Province XV vs Valke, 26-8


The teams each played three matches.

Won 3: Border, Western Province, Western Province XV
Won 2: Blue Bulls XV, Boland, Golden Lions, Griffons, Sharks, South Western Districts
Won 1: Eastern Province, Free State, Griquas, Pumas, Valke
Won 0: Blue Bulls, Golden Lions XV, Leopards, Limpopo

PV: 14