Tue 18 Feb 2020 | 09:52

2020 Graeme Day Fixtures

2020 Graeme Day Fixtures
Tue 18 Feb 2020 | 09:52
2020 Graeme Day Fixtures

Graeme College of Grahamstown well again host its excellent Graeme Day, this time on 14 March 2020.


There will be a total of 30 matches (60 teams, over a thousand players) on the day, using the three Graeme College fields with overflow at Kingswood and St Andrew’s – a great day for schools rugby in Grahamstown (officially Makhanda).

The cream of Eastern Cape’s rugby schools will be taking part – from East London, King William’s Town and Queenstown, from Cradock, Humansdorp and Uitenhage.

Most focus will be on the Somerset A Field at Graeme College where the first teams will be in action. There will be eight matches – 16 top Eastern Cape schools in action in full rugby matches, starting a eight in the morning when Cambridge High School of East London play Mary Waters High School of Grahamstown whose most famous rugby Old Boy is Allister Coetzee.

The three big Grahamstown schools have tough opposition. Kingswood meet Selborne, St Andrew’s Framesby and hosts Graeme Marlow of Cradock. When Graeme and Marlow meet, matches on the other fields will be over and interest should be high.

The day is sure to draw great crowds yet again.



Somerset Field
08.00: Cambridge vs Mary Waters
09.10: Dale vs Muir
10.20: Hudson Park vs Nico Malan
11.30: Queen’s vs Pearson
12.40: Grey High vs Die Brandwag
13.50: Kingswood vs Selborne
15.00: St Andrew’s vs Framesby
16.10: Graeme vs Marlow

Marais A
08.00: Graeme Under-16 vs Marlow
09.00: PJ Olivier 1st vs Graeme 2nd/3rd
10.00: Port Alfred 1st vs Albany Development
11.00: Grey High Under-16 vs Brandwag
12.00: Selborne Under-16 vs Outeniqua
13.00: Dale Under-15 vs Muir Under-16
14.00: Hudson Park Under-16 vs Nico Malan
15.00: Queen’s Under-16 vs Pearson

Marais B
08.00: Graeme Under-14 vs Marlow
09.00: Graeme Under-15 vs Marlow
10.00: Grey High Under-14 vs Brandwag
11.00: Selborne Under-14 vs Outeniqua
12.00: Dale Under-14 vs Muir
13.00: Hudson Park Under-14 vs Nico Malan
14.00: Albany Development Under-16 vs Graeme Under-16B
15.00: Queen’s Under-14 vs Pearson

At Kingswood
Kingswood Under-14 vs Cambridge
Kingswood Under-15 vs Cambridge
Kingswood Under-16 vs Cambridge


At St Andrew’s
St Andrew’s Under-14 vs Framesby
St Andrew’s Under-15 vs Framesby
St Andrew’s Under-16 vs Framesby

Information from Neale Emslie

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