Mon 17 Apr 2017 | 04:25

Easter Festivals results - all three days

Easter Festivals results - all three days
Mon 17 Apr 2017 | 04:25

Easter Festivals results - all three days


We have tried to bring the results of all three days for the three Festivals in Johannesburg, the one at Kearsney at Botha's hill and the one in Krugersdorp.

If anybody has the results from the Krugersdorp High School, we should be glad to publish them Contac

St Stithians Easter Festival

Unbeaten teams: Grey PE and SACS.

Day 1
Grey PE vs Westville, 27-8
Maritzburg College vs St Benedict’s , 38-6
SACS vs Michaelhouse, 28-0
St Alban’s vs DHS, 24-22
St Andrew's vs St David’s Marist, 39-10
St Stithians vs Graeme, 19-17

Day 2
Graeme College vs St David’s Marist Brothers, 24-3
Grey PE vs Maritzburg College, 27-19
Michaelhouse vs St Stithians, 18-12
SACS vs DHS, 20-16
St Andrew’s vs St Benedict’s, 45-17
Westville vs St Alban's, 17-11
Day 3
Graeme College vs Pretoria Technical High School, 38-0
Grey PE vs DHS, 50-17
Maritzburg College vs St Stithians College, 36-29
Michaelhouse vs St David’s Marist Brothers, 61-7
SACS vs St Andrew's, 24-15
Westville vs St Benedict’s, 57-17

St John's College

Unbeaten teams: Paarl Boys' High, Paul Roos

Day 1
Affies vs Florida, 28-24
Hilton vs St John’s, 28-19
Nelspruit vs Eye of the Tiger, 43-0
Paarl Boys' High NSW Combined Schools, 67-0
Parktown vs St John’s (Harare), 36-0
Paul Roos vs Helpmekaar, 25-22

Day 2
Affies vs Hilton, 17-6
Helpmekaar vs St John’s (Harare), 65-7
Paarl Boys' High vs Eye of the Tiger, 67-0
Parktown vs NSW Combined Schools, 26-19
Paul Roos vs Nelspruit, 38-6
St John’s vs Florida, 20-13

Day 3
Hilton vs St John's Harare, 32-7
Nelspruit vs Helpmekaar, 18-12
New South Wales Combined Schools vs Florida, 29-7
Paarl Boys' High vs Affies, 14-10
Paul Roos vs Parktown, 61-12
St John's vs Eye of the Tiger, 59-10

Kearsney College

Unbeaten: HTS Drostdy, Glenwood, Monument

Day 1
Drostdy vs Kearsney, 45-17
Glenwood vs Framesby, 21-10
HTS Middelburg vs Noord-Kaap, 21-19
Monument vs Dale, 33-16
Pretoria Boys High vs Queen's, 22-15
Selborne vs Dr EG Jansen, 46-19

Day 2
Drostdy vs Dale, 26-25
Glenwood vs Dr EG Jansen, 24-19
Kearsney vs Framesby, 23-0
Monument vs HTS Middelburg, 35-8
Noord-Kaap vs Queen's, 34-
Selborne vs Pretoria Boys High, 58-5

Day 3
Dale vs HTS Middelburg, 22-21
Drostdy vs Pretoria Boys High, 29-5
Framesby vs Dr EG Jansen, 29-21
Glenwood vs Noord-Kaap, 25-20
Kearsney vs Queen's, 24-13
Monument vs Selborne, 19-12

King Edward VII School

Unbeaten: KES, Waterkloof

Day 1
Ben Vorster vs Kingswood, 25-10
Eldoraigne vs Hudson Park, 10-5
KES vs Wynberg, 42-17
Noordheuwel vs Northwood, 19-13
Rondebosch vs Jeppe, 26-0
Waterkloof vs Marlow, 25-12

Day 2
Eldoraigne vs Jeppe, 38-16
Hudson Park vs Northwood, 46-7
KES vs Rondebosch, 25-17
Noordheuwel vs Kingswood, 35-22
Waterkloof vs Ben Vorster, 38-24
Wynberg vs Marlow, 32-26

Day 3
Ben Vorster vs Jeppe, 38-10
KES vs Kingswood, 41-10
Marlow vs Eldoraigne, 24-12
Waterkloof vs Hudson Park, 41-38
Wynberg vs Noordheuwel, 38-10

Krugersdorp High School

Day 1
Hillcrest vs Roodepoort            
Pretoria Boys High XV vs Golden Lions Invitation XV            
Monash Invitational vs Lomagundi         
St George's vs Bastion            
Prince Edward vs Monnas XV    
Port Natal vs Bekker    
Krugersdorp High vs Jubilani RFC, 24-8

Day 2
Hillcrest vs Monash Invitational
Pretoria Boys High XV vs Roodepoort
Lomagundi vs Jubilani RFC
Monnas XV vs Golden Lions Invitation XV
Bekker vs Prince Edward
Port Natal vs Bastion
Krugersdorp High vs St George's

Day 3
Port Natal vs Golden Lions Invitation XV
Lomagundi vs Roodepoort
St George's vs Bekker
Prince Edward vs Pretoria Boys High XV
Jubilani RFC vs Monash Invitational
Bastion vs Monnas XV
Krugersdorp High vs Hillcrest

PV: 20
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