Mon 28 Oct 2019 | 06:18

Graeme Rugby Day Fixtures, 2020

Graeme Rugby Day Fixtures, 2020
Mon 28 Oct 2019 | 06:18
Graeme Rugby Day Fixtures, 2020

There will be 62 teams playing 31 matches at thee Graeme College Rugby Day on Saturday, 14 March 2020.


It is always a great early-season day for Eastern Cape Schools, and the schools have been eager to grab thee opportunity, and St Andrew’s and Kingswood have made fields available to help with the logistics.

Towns of Origin

Grahamstown: Graeme College, Kingswood College, Mary Waters High School, Hoërskool PJ Olivier, St Andrew’s College
Cradock: Marlow Agricultural School
East London: Cambridge High School, Hudson Park High School, Selborne College
George: Hoërskool Outeniqua
Humansdorp: Hoërskool Nico Malan
King William’s Town: Dale College
Port Alfred: Port Alfred High School
Port Elizabeth: Hoërskool Framesby, Grey High School, Pearson High School
Queenstown: Queen’s College
Uitenhage: Hoërskool Die Brandwag, Muir College


Somerset Field
08.00: Cambridge vs Mary Waters 1st XV
09.10: Dale vs Muir
10.20: Hudson Park vs Nico Malan 1st XV
11.30: Queen’s vs Pearson
12.40: Grey vs Die Brandwag 1st XV
13.50: Kingswood vs Selborne
15.00: St Andrew’s vs Framesby 1st XV
16.10: Graeme vs Marlow

Marais A Field
08.00: Graeme Under-16 vs Marlow Under-16
09.00: PJ Olivier 1st XV vs Graeme 2nd/3rd XV
10.00: Port Alfred vs Albany Development 1st XV
11.00: Grey Under-16 vs Die Brandwag Under-16
12.00: Selborne Under-16 vs Outeniqua Under-16
13.00: Dale Under-15 vs Muir Under-16
14.00: Hudson Park Under-16 vs Nico Malan Under-16
15.00: Queen’s Under-16 vs Pearson Under-16


Marais B Field
08.00: Graeme Under-14 vs Marlow Under-14
09.00: Graeme Under-15 vs Marlow Under-15
10.00: Grey Under-14 vs Die Brandwag Under-14
11.00: Selborne Under-14 vs Outeniqua Under-14
12.00: Dale Under-14 vs Muir Under-14
13.00: Hudson Park Under-14 vs Nico Malan Under-14
14.00: Albany Development Under-16 vs Graeme Under-16B
15.00: Queen’s Under-14 vs Pearson Under-14

At Kingswood
Kingswood Under-14 vs Cambridge Under-14
Kingswood Under-15 vs Cambridge Under-15
Kingswood Under-16 vs Cambridge Under-16

At St Andrew’s
St Andrew’s Under-14 vs Framesby Under-14
St Andrew’s Under-15 vs Framesby Under-15
St Andrew’s Under-16 vs Framesby Under-16
Selborne Under-15 vs Outeniqua Under-15

PV: 697