Wed 13 Mar 2019 | 11:04

Grey High Rugby Festival Fixtures 2019

Grey High Rugby Festival Fixtures 2019
Wed 13 Mar 2019 | 11:04
Grey High Rugby Festival Fixtures 2019

Grey High School of Port Elizabeth will be holding its annual Rugby Festival on 21-23 March 2019.

It is a grand occasion with 82 matches, played on seven fields, mostly at Grey but also at Old Grey, Crusaders and Police fields.

There are 25 1st XVs in action plus Under-14, Under-15 and Under-16 teams, and Grey’s 2nd XV, the Unicorns, will also take part. The schools taking part are from 10 towns and cities in South Africa.

Schools Taking Part

Cradock: Marlow
Durban: Durban High School (DHS), Northwood
East London: Hudson Park, Selborne, Stirling
Grahamstown: Graeme, Kingswood, St Andrew’s
Johannesburg: Jeppe, Parktown, St Benedict’s, St David’s Marist, St John’s, St Stithians
King William’s Town: Dale
Port Elizabeth: Andrew Rabie, Framesby, Grey High, Itembelihle, Woodridge
Pretoria: St Alban’s
Queenstown: Queen’s College
Uitenhage: Die Brandwag, Muir


The teams are 1st XVs unless otherwise noted.

Thursday 21 March – Day One

Philip Field Pollock Oval
08.00: Hudson Park vs St Benedict’s
09.10: St Alban’s vs Graeme
10.20: Framesby vs DHS
11.40: St Andrew’s vs St John’s
12.50: Queen’s vs St Stithians
14.00: Selborne vs Jeppe
15.20: Grey vs Northwood

Pollock Oval
08.00: Woodridge vs St David’s Marist
09.10: Stirling vs Marlow
10.20: Itembelihle vs Grey Unicorns
11.40: Dale vs Muir
12.50: Grey U16A vs Northwood U16A
14.00: Grey U15A vs Northwood U15A
15.20: Kingswood vs Parktown

Pyott Field
08.00: Hudson Park U15A vs Parktown U15A
09.10: St Andrew’s U15A vs St John’s U15A
10.20: St Andrew’s U16A vs St John’s U16A
11.40: Hudson Park U16A vs Parktown U16A
12.50: St David’s U15A vs Kingswood U15A
14.00: Queen’s e U16A vs St Stithians U16A
15.20: Jeppe U16A vs Selborne U16A

Gordon Field
08.00: St Andrew’s U14A vs St John’s U14A
09.10: Grey U14A vs Northwood U14A
10.20: Selborne U14A vs Jeppe U14A
11.40: Queen’s U14A vs Kingswood U14A
12.50: Parktown U14A vs Hudson Park U14A
14.00: St David’s U14A vs Muir U14A

Crusaders RFC
08.00: Graeme U14A vs St Alban’s U14A
09.10: Graeme U15A vs St Alban’s U15A
10.20: Graeme U16A vs St Alban’s U16A
11.40: Jeppe U15A vs Selborne U15A
12.50: St David’s U16A vs Kingswood U16A
14.00: Muir U16A vs Stirling U16A

Old Grey RFC
08.00: Queen’s U15A vs Muir U15A
09.10: Grey U15B vs Stirling U15A
10.20: Grey U16B vs Eezi Fana U16
11.40: Grey U14B vs Stirling U14A

Saturday 23 March – Day 2

Philip Field
08.00: Queen’s vs St David’s Marist
09.10: Stirling vs St Stithians
10.20: Parktown vs Dale
11.40: Kingswood vs St John’s
12.50: Jeppe vs St Andrew’s
14.00: Selborne vs Northwood
15.20: Grey vs DHS

Pollock Oval
08.00: St Alban’s vs Muir
09.10: Die Brandwag vs St Benedict’s
10.20: Graeme vs Marlow
11.40: Grey U16A vs Jeppe U16A
12.50: Grey Unicorns vs Andrew Rabie
14.00: Hudson Park vs Framesby
15.20: Woodridge vs Itembelihle

Pyott Field
08.00: St David’s U15A vs Queen’s U15A
09.10: Selborne U15A vs Northwood U15A
10.20: Stirling U16A vs St Stithians U16A
11.40: Muir U15A vs St Alban’s U15A
12.50: Grey U15A vs Jeppe U15A
14.00: Stirling U15A vs Woodridge U15A
15.20: Die Brandwag U15A vs Hudson Park U15A

Gordon Field
08.00: Northwood U14A vs Selborne U14A
09.10: St John’s U14A vs Kingswood U14A
10.20: Muir U14A vs St Alban’s U14A
11.40: Grey U14A vs Jeppe U14A
12.50: Parktown U14A vs Graeme U14A
14.00: Die Brandwag U14A vs Hudson Park U14A
15.20: St Andrew’s U14A vs Framesby U14A

Crusaders RFC
08.00: Selborne U16A vs Northwood U16A
09.10: St John’s U15A vs Kingswood U15A
10.20: St John’s U16A vs Kingswood U16A
11.30: Parktown U15A vs Graeme U15A
12.40: Parktown U16A vs Graeme U16A
13.50: Grey U14B vs Eezi Fana U14
15.20: Die Brandwag U16A vs Hudson Park U16A

Old Grey
08.00: St David’s U14A vs Queen’s U14A
09.10: St David’s U16A vs Queen’s U16A
10.20: St Andrew’s U15A vs Framesby U15A
11.40: St Andrew’s U16A vs Framesby U16A

Police RFC
08.00: Grey U15B vs Eezi Fana U15
09.10: Muir College U16A vs St Alban’s U16A
10.20: Grey U16B vs Woodridge U16A
11.30: Stirling U14A vs Woodridge U14A

From Neale Emslie

PV: 357

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