Sun 26 Mar 2017 | 03:04

Hilton Win Rugby Sevens

Hilton Win Rugby Sevens
Sun 26 Mar 2017 | 03:04

Hilton Win Rugby Sevens


The Sevens were part of the 450th birthday celebration of the great school which gave its name to the great game, and the matches were played on the historic Close at the school.

Winning such a tournament on such an occasion is most prestigious.

Rugby, who played hosts, invited 11 friends to the party – Clifton and Marlborough of England, Fettes of Scotland, Llandovery of Wales, Royal Belfast Academical Institution of Northern Ireland, Nelson College of New Zealand, Oita Maizuru of Japan, Shawnigan Lake School of Canada, Sydney Church of England Grammar School, nicknamed Shore, of Australia, and Hilton and Michaelhouse of South Africa.

The tournament was played over two days, 24 and 25 March 2017. The 12 teams, divided into two pools of six each, played matches within their pool on Day 1. On Day 2, they played knock-out matches for the Cup, the Plate and the Cup.


Pool A: Fettes, Hilton, Marlborough, Oita  Maizuru, Rugby, Shore.
Pool B: Clifton, Llandovery, Michaelhouse, Nelson, Royal Belfast, Shawnigan Lake

Pool Results – Day 1

Clifton vs RBAI, 41-12
Fettes vs Oita Maizuru, 17-12
Fettes vs Shore, 34-26
Hilton vs Oita  Maizuru, 69-7
Hilton vs Fettes, 26-7
Hilton vs Shore, 27-17
Llandovery vs RBAI, 31-5
Marlborough vs Fettes, 19–15
Marlborough vs Oita Maizuru, 50-0
Marlborough vs Shore, 24-7
Michaelhouse vs Clifton, 26-26
Michaelhouse vs Llandovery, 33-17
Nelson vs Clifton, 38-26
Nelson vs Michaelhouse, 29-21
Nelson vs Shawnigan Lake, 32-19
RBAI vs Nelson, 22-12
Rugby vs Hilton, 22-7
Rugby vs Marlborough, 24-24
Rugby vs Shore, 26-14
Rugby vs Oita Maizuru, 26-0
Shawnigan Lake vs Michaelhouse, 24-17
Shawnigan Lake vs Llandovery, 26-19
Shawnigan Lake vs RBAI, 29-22

The top two teams in each pool qualified for the Cup, the next four for the plate and the other four for the Bowl.

Knock-out Results – Day 2



Clifton vs Rugby 32-7
Hilton vs Nelson, 17-14

Hilton vs Clifton, 22-7

3rd/4th Play-off
Rugby vs Nelson, 24-19



Fettes vs Shawnigan Lake, 24-19
Marlborough vs Michaelhouse, 7-5


Marlborough vs Fettes, 22-12

7th/8th Play-off

Michaelhouse vs Shawnigan Lake 19-10


Llandovery vs Oita Maizuru, 42-14
Shore vs RBAI, 26-15


Shore vs Llandovery

11th/12th Play-off

RBAI vs Oita Maizuru, 26-10

PV: 2
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