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Fri 10 May 2019 | 08:46

Kearsney Climb up to Michaelhouse

Kearsney Climb up to Michaelhouse
Fri 10 May 2019 | 08:46
Kearsney Climb up to Michaelhouse

It could be seen as a sort of religious war – Anglican against Methodist – but neither is given to fisticuffs and so it will be on the rugby field when Kearsney leave Botha’s Hill and climb up to Balgowan, to gracious Michaelhouse.

It is bound to be a great occasion as they are schools with excellent support from smart cars.

Season So Far

Both schools play excellent rugby, and they have already played. Kearsney won that won 27-17 in the middle of March.

Kearsney, who host a splendid tournament at Easter, have played nine matches, winning four and losing five.
Michaelhouse have played six matches, winning five and losing to Grey PE.

Kearsney have had the tougher fixture list so far. They have lost to St Andrew’s, Framesby and Welkom Gim who have been ranked in the Top 20.

The only Top-20 side Michaelhouse have played is Grey.

Their only common opponent is DHS. Kearsney beat them 24-20 and Michaelhouse beat them 58-10.

Rugby Programme

09.30: 4th XV
10.40: 3rd XV
12.50: Under-16A
14.00: 2nd XV
15.15: 1st XV

Far Meadows
09.30: 6th XV
10.30: 5th XV

09.30: 8th XV
10.30: 7th XV

09.30: Under-16C
10.30: Under-16B
12.45: Under-16D

09.30: Under-14A
10.30: Under-15A
12.00: Under-14C
13.00: Under-14B

09.30: Under-15B
10.30: Under-15D
12.30: Under-15C


Michaelhouse: 15 Luc Pousson, 14 Kwanele Khumalo, 13 James Murray, 12 Thamsanqa Zakwe, 11 Mark Grant, 10 Mike Moodie, 9 Brett Oellermann, 8 Roeland van den Berg, 7 Luke Stubbs, 6 James Armstrong, 5 Nick Crampton, 4 Gavin Veenstra, 3 Brandon Jewell, 2 James Moodie (captain), 1 Reinhardt Pienaar

Kearsney: 15 Derick Marshall, 14 Josh Muller, 13 Connor de Bruyn, 12 Luke Wilson, 11 Luke Dudley, 10 Matthew Hind, 9 Cade Carmichael, 8 Massimo Fierro, 7 Aaron Smith, 6 Carlo Miller, 5 Dean Burrell, 4 Tyson Andrews, 3 Oliver Carmody (captain), 2 Reid Stuart, 1 Bradley Taylor

Date: Saturday, 11 May 2019
1st XV kick-off: 15-15
Venue: Meadows Field, Michaelhouse, Balgowan
Expected weather conditions: Sunshine with a high of 21°C, dropping to 4°C

PV: 377

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