Fri 27 Jul 2018 | 11:15

Kingswood cross town to Graeme

Kingswood cross town to Graeme
Fri 27 Jul 2018 | 11:15
Kingswood cross town to Graeme

Playing rugby for Grahamstown schools usually involves travelling but this time it is not far to go as Kingswood College go across the Road to Graeme College as they have done for years and years. The ages of players range for nine to nineteen.

There will inevitably be lots of enthusiasm in the fixture which includes the junior schools of both.

Season So Far for 1st XVs

Both teams have been having a good seasons. Kingswood have won 10 if their 14 matches, Graeme eight of 14.

Results Against Common Opponents

Hudson Park: Graeme won 17-5; Kingswood won 41-20
Port Rex: Graeme won 22-10; Kingswood won 31-7
St Andrew’s: Graeme lost 34-14; Kingswood lost 24-5
Union High: Graeme lost 13-12; Kingswood won 36-15

Last year Kingswood won 15-12 on City Lords. It could be close again this year.


Each school had players in the Eastern Province Country Districts team at the Academy Week.

Graeme: Arnouw Nel, Romano Fritz

Kingswood: Anele Makongolo, Abongile Klaas, Sandiso Charles


Graeme College: 15 Sixolile Lamani, 14 Yanga Bangisa, 13 Eldrico Kivitts, 12 Dylan Rielly, 11 Liam Agnew, 10 Mark Amm, 9 Romario Fritz, 8 Arnouw Nel, 7 David McCallum , 6 Intle Mancoko, 5 Jeremy Beyleveld, 4 Uminathi Anthony, 3 Bavu Manyakanyaka (captain), 2 Bongo Adams, 1 Thuso Mokhele

Kingswood College: 15 Jared Manus, 14 Abongile Klaas, 13 Sandiso Charles, 12 Hilton Krige, 11 Jeff Mutuku, 10 Anele Makongolo, 9 Nick Lawson-Smith, 8 Athi Galada, 7 Duncan Krige, 6 Jack Mills, 5 Loyd Danga XVele, 4 Jordan Lombard, 3 Joshua Von Holdt, 2 Kamva Kalipa (captain), 1 Onika Mgijima

Date: 28 July 2018
1st XV kick-off: 15.50
Venue: Somerset Field, Graeme College
Expected weather conditions: Partly cloudy, cool with a high of 19°C and a low of 4°C

Rugby Programme for 18 July 2018

Somerset Field
09.00: Under-14A
10.00: Under-15A
11.00: Under-16A
12.15: 4th XV
13.25: 3rd XV
14.35: 2nd XV
15.50: 1st XV

Marais A Field
09h00: Under-11A
09h50: Under-13B
10h50: Under-13A

Marais B Field
09h00: Under-9A
09.50: Under-11B
10.50: Under-13C
11.50: Under-14B

PV: 131

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