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Next year it will be the Kwaggas' turn to go over the Pass and then it will be Struisiesdag.

It is a keen derby but one which the Kwaggas have usually won. The Struisies won last in 2010 and then 16 years before that.

If this season's results are anything to go by, Outeniqua look too strong again.
Season so Far

The George side has played 14, winning nine and losing five. Oudtshoorn, who have not had as tough a fixture list, have played 15, winning seven and losing eight. In last week's matches, Outeniqua beat mighty Paarl Gim while Oudtshoorn beat PW Botha.

At present Outeniqua are ranked sixth on the Schools Top 20. Oudtshoorn are not ranked.

Results against Common Opponents

Brackenfell: Outeniqua won 27-15; Oudtshoorn lost 24-21
Framesby: Outeniqua won 36-15; Oudtshoorn lost 43-19
Langenhoven Gim: Outeniqua won 81-20; Oudtshoorn won 36-21
Stellenberg: Outeniqua lost 43-38; Oudtshoorn lost 38-0


Craven Week

Outeniqua: Darryn Fortuin, Emilio Otto, Dillon Pieterse, Ruben Coetzee, Louis Meiring, Sylvester Hassien, James-Henry Mollentze

Oudtshoorn: Larry Paulse,  Tiaan Fourie

Academy Week

Outeniqua: Herschell Otto, Aylen Schabort, Braam van Huyssteen, Conrad Ackermann, Stephan Leonard, Alexander van Biljon

Oudtshoorn. Xhantilomzi Nokoyo


Outeniqua: n/a

Oudtshoorn: 15 Renaldo Swart, 14 Henry Rossouw, 13 Tiaan Fourie, 12 Steffan Schoeman (captain), 11 Janno Badenhorst, 10 Jaylin Pretorius, 9 Keano Claassen, 8 Lerato Nanna, 7 Malusi Khumalo, 6 Rodwill  Maniel, 5 Neil Swart, 4 Francois Henning, 3 Ayrton Jackson, 2 Zac Lipschitz, 1 Robin West
Replacements: 16 Kurt Fortuin, 17 Biggy Biggy, 18 Thomas Jordan, 19 Ayden Pretorius, 20 Jovan van Vuuren, 21 Alexander Rossouw, 22 Cole Louw

Rugby Programme, 26 August 2017

A Field
08.30: Under-15A
09.30: Under-16A
10.30: 3rd XV vs Oudtshoorn 2nd XV
11.40: 2nd XV vs PW Botha 1st XV
14.00: 1st XV

B Field
08.30: Under-16B vs PW Botha A
09.30: 4th XV vs PW Botha 2nd XV
10.30: Under-14A
11.40: Under-15B vs PW Botha A

C Field
08.30: Under-14 B vs PW Botha a

Expected weather conditions: Sunny with a high of 15° and a low of 7°

Some Previous Results

2010: Oudtshoorn won 22-20
2011: Outeniqua won 37-10
2012: Outeniqua won 68-143
2013: Outeniqua won 66-10
2014: Outeniqua won 59-10
2015: Outeniqua won 70-12
2016: Outeniqua won 50-7

PV: 20
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