Wed 20 Mar 2019 | 06:42

Oakdale Results - Day 3

Oakdale Results - Day 3
Wed 20 Mar 2019 | 06:42
Oakdale Results - Day 3

After three days of wonderful schoolboy rugby in which 46 matches were played in good spirit and 2 071 points were scored, only two teams ended with 100% records, winning three out of three – Duineveld of Upington and Potchefstroom Gimnasium.

Both of these sides had close shaves. On Day 3, Duineveld won by just three points, Potch Gim by seven.

The Western Australian school, Rockingham, lost on the first day but won both of their matches after that. On Day 3, they had a comfortable win over Montagu who had won both of their matches up till then.

Riversdale was a good place to be on gentle autumn days in the Cape.

Day 3 Results

Alberton vs Brackenfell, 26-7
Bellville vs Oosterlig, 61-0
Bethlehem Voortrekker vs Zwartkop, 40-22
Bredasdorp vs Augsburg, 22-21
Die Brandwag vs HTS Middelburg, 29-27
Duineveld vs Lichtenburg, 22-19
Ellisras vs Landboudal, 19-12
Grens vs Upington, 34-17
Hugenote (Wellington) vs Kempton Park, 18-17
Invitation XV vs Robertson, 22-5
Langenhoven Gim vs Dinamika, 36-12
Oakdale vs Diamantveld, 29-17
Potchefstroom Gim vs Despatch, 31-24
Rockingham (Australia) vs Montagu, 31-12
Vredendal vs Overberg, 28-5

Day 1 Results

Despatch vs Bredasdorp, 49-10
Diamantveld vs Zwartkop, 66-17
Dinamika vs Upington, 31-19
Duineveld vs Jeugland, 29-19
Ellisras vs Augsburg, 36-7
Hermanus vs Alberton, 43-22
Invitation XV vs Oosterlig, 47-7
Kempton Park vs Brackenfell, 55-5
Langenhoven Gim vs Rockingham (Australia), 33-22
Lichtenburg vs Bellville, 34-5
Montagu vs Vredendal, 14-10
Oakdale vs HTS Middelburg, 33-3
Overberg vs Landboudal, 15-15
Potchefstroom Gim vs Hugenote (Wellington), 29-28

Day 2 Results

Bellville vs Alberton, 31-12
Despatch vs Langenhoven Gim, 39-22
Diamantveld vs Die Brandwag, 13-12
Duineveld vs Kempton Park, 22-15
HTS Middelburg vs Bethlehem Voortrekker, 35-7
Hugenote vs Zwartkop, 17-17
Jeugland vs Upington, 40-17
Lichtenburg vs Dinamika, 33-3
Montagu vs Landboudal, 21-13
Oosterlig vs Brackenfell, 26-8
Overberg vs Grens, 21-21
Potchefstroom Gim vs Hermanus, 34-26
Robertson vs Ellisras, 13-3
Rockingham vs Augsburg, 33-0
San Isidro A vs Oakdale, 10-0
San Isidro B vs Invitation XV, 37-22
Vredendal vs Bredasdorp, 24-5

PV: 72

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