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'Other' Results-11 May 2019

'Other' Results-11 May 2019
Tue 14 May 2019 | 12:11
'Other' Results-11 May 2019

It is true that the 1st XV match counts most. We beat so-and-so if our 1st XV won, even though they may have won all the other matches.

The ‘Other’ Results seeks to give a broader picture of what happened when two schools met on the rugby field.

These are the results for week ending 11 May 2019. We can add to them if anybody would like their scores recorded. Just send to paul@sportsmedia365.com.

Rondebosch vs Parel Vallei & Parklands College

1st XV: Rondebosch won 73-11
2nd XV: Rondebosch won 45-10
3rd XV: Rondebosch won 55-3
4th XV: Parklands 1st XV beat Rondebosch 37-15
5th XV: Parklands 2nd XV won 27-7
Under-16A: Rondebosch won 43-17
Under-16B: Rondebosch won 50-14
Under-16C: Parklands A won 36-15
Under-15A: Rondebosch won 50-0
Under-15B: Rondebosch won 60-0
Under-14A: Rondebosch won 52-0
Under-14B: Rondebosch won 60-0
Under-14C: Rondebosch beat Parklands 38-5

Hermanus vs Bredasdorp

1st XV: Hermanus won 15-14
2nd XV: Hermanus won 8-5
Under-16A: Bredasdorp won 33-13
Under-15A: Hermanus won 31-7
Under-14A: Bredasdorp won 12-10
Under-14B: Hermanus won 5-0

Menlopark vs Noordheuwel

1st XV: Menlopark won 38-21
Under-16A: Menlopark won 29-15
Under-15A: Menlopark won 24-7
Under-14A: Menlopark won 6-3

Paarl Boys’ High vs Grey College

1st XV: Grey won 43-24
2nd XV: Grey won 32-10
3rd XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 26-19
4th XV: Grey won 23-8
5th XV: Grey won 35-15
6th XV: Grey won 26-21
7th XV: Grey won 31-3
8th XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 27-19
9th XV: Grey won 22-7
10th XV: Draw 19-19
Under-16A: Grey won 32-21
Under-16B: Paarl Boys’ High won 31-4
Under-16C: Grey won 20-18
Under-16D: Paarl Boys’ High won 37-17
Under-16E: Paarl Boys’ High won 15-14
Under-15A: Grey won 20-15
Under-15B: Grey won 53-0
Under-15C: Grey won 22-5
Under-15D: Grey won 26-15
Under-15E: Grey won 17-10
Under-15F: Paarl Boys’ High won 72-7
Under-14A: Grey won 8-5
Under-14B: Grey won 40-5
Under-14C: Grey won 26-7
Under-14D: Grey won 20-7
Under-14E: Paarl Boys’ High won 19-14
Under-14F: Paarl Boys’ High won 19-10

Michaelhouse vs Kearsney

1st XV: Kearsney won 23-20
2nd XV: Michaelhouse won 20-17
3rd XV: Michaelhouse won 26-7
4th XV: Michaelhouse won 34-3
5th XV: Michaelhouse won 55-34
6th XV: Michaelhouse won 41-22
7th XV: Michaelhouse won 52-5
8th XV: Cancelled
Under-16A: Michaelhouse won 38-31
Under-16B: Michaelhouse won 24-5
Under-16C: Michaelhouse won 17-10
Under-16D: Kearsney won 52-15
Under-15A: Kearsney won 28-19
Under-15B: Kearsney won 45-7
Under-15C: Kearsney won 28-7
Under-15D: Michaelhouse won 43-22
Under-14A: Kearsney won 42-7
Under-14B: Kearsney won 33-12
Under-14C: Michaelhouse won 46-26

Selborne vs Dale

1st XV: Selborne won 33-17
2nd XV: Selborne won 36-12
3rd XV: Selborne won 21-17
4th XV: Selborne won 29-0
5th XV: Selborne won 15-12
6th XV: Selborne won 42-5
Under-16A XV: Selborne won 22-21
Under-16B XV: Selborne won 27-0
Under-16C XV: Selborne won 36-0
Under-15A XV: Selborne won 63-0
Under-15B XV: Dale won 31-21
Under-15C XV: Selborne won 60-0
Under-14A XV: Selborne won 62-0
Under-14B XV: Selborne won 57-0
Under-14C XV: Selborne won 58-0

SACS vs Brackenfell

1st XV: SACS won 33-15
2nd XV: SACS won 40-10
3rd XV: SACS won 64-0
Under-16A: SACS won 36-7
Under-15A: SACS won 35-12
Under-14A: Brackenfell won 7-5
Under-14B: SACS won 18-12
Under-14C: SACS won 34-7

Bishops vs Boland Landbou

1st XV: Bishops won 53-19
2nd XV: Boland Landbou won 15-14
3rd XV: Boland Landbou won 21-20
4th XV: Bishops won 23-17
5th XV: Boland Landbou won 21-5
Under-16A: Bishops won 22-21
Under-16B: Boland Landbou won 17-10
Under-16C: Boland Landbou won 36-0
Under-15A: Boland Landbou won 36-5
Under-15B: Boland Landbou won 13-7
Under-15C: Boland Landbou won 42-0
Under-14A: Boland Landbou won 44-3
Under-14B: Boland Landbou won 45-0
Under-14C: Boland Landbou won 33-0

Pretoria Boys High vs Hilton

1st: Hilton won 42-27
2nd: Hilton won 10-7
3rd: Hilton won 42-12
4th: Hilton won 12-0
5th: Pretoria Boys High won 29-12
6th: Pretoria Boys High won 52-12
7th: Pretoria Boys High won 24-12
8th: Pretoria Boys High won 54-10
Under-16A: Hilton won 58-15
Under-16B: Hilton won 28-12
Under-16C: Pretoria Boys High won 22-10
Under-16D: Pretoria Boys High won 52-0
Under-15A: Hilton won 68-0
Under-15B: Hilton won 48-0
Under-15C: Pretoria Boys High won 26-17
Under-15D: Pretoria Boys High won 24-7
Under-14A: Hilton won 40-0
Under-14B: Hilton won 55-5
Under-14C: Hilton won 46-0
Under-14D: Hilton won 19-12

Westville vs Affies

1st XV: Westville won 35-31
2nd XV: Affies won 24-5
3rd XV: Affies won 52-3
4th XV: Affies won 80-7
5th XV: Affies won 33-10
Under-16A: Affies won 28-22
Under-16B: Affies won 28-0
Under-16C: Affies won 52-5
Under-16D: Affies won 104-0
Under-15A: Affies won 41-14
Under-15B: Affies won 29-12
Under-15C: Affies won 24-0
Under-15D: Affies won 34-5
Under-14A: Affies won 48-14
Under-14B: Affies won 65-0
Under-14C: Affies won 72-0

Maritzburg College vs DHS, Hillcrest, Carter & St Charles

1st XV: College beat DHS 34-24
2nd XV: College beat DHS 70-12
3rd XV: College beat Hillcrest 1st XV 41-0
4th XV: College beat DHS 3rd XV 79-0
5th XV: College beat Hillcrest 2nd XV 39-7
6th XV: College beat Greyton 2nd XV 21-7
7th XV: College beat Development 19-12
8th XV: College beat Development 60-0
9th XV: College beat St Charles 39-15
10th XV: Carter 1st won 27-12
Under-16A: College beat DHS 45-12
Under-16B: College beat DHS 60-0
Under-16C: College beat Hillcrest 16A 24-5
Under-16D: College beat DHS 16C 54-0
Under-16E: College beat Greyton 16B 48-0
Under-16F: College beat Carter A 12-10
Under-15A: DHS won 27-26
Under-15B: College beat DHS 21-0
Under-15C: College beat DHS 50-0
Under-15D: College beat Hillcrest A 12-7
Under-15E: College beat DHS D 41-5
Under-15F: College beat Greyton 5B 27-5
Under-14A: College beat DHS 42-13
Under-14B: College beat DHS 32-5
Under-14C: College beat DHS 62-0
Under-14D: College beat DHS 60-0
Under-14E: College beat Hillcrest A 24-12
Under-14F: College beat DHS E 60-0

Northwood vs Parktown

1st XV: Northwood won 54-0
2nd XV: Northwood won 61-21
Under-16A: Parktown won 15-12
Under-16B: Draw 19-19
Under-16C: Northwood won 33-22
Under-15A: Northwood won 68-0
Under-15B: Northwood won 61-0
Under-14A: Northwood won 51-0
Under-14B: Northwood won 34-0

St Stithians vs KES

1st XV: KES won 54-31
2nd XV: KES won 31-10
3rd XV: KES won 76-0
4th XV: KES won 61-0
Under-16A: KES won 19-0
Under-16B: KES won 74-7
Under-15A: KES won 64-0
Under-15B: KES won 73-0
Under-15C: KES won 64-0
Under-14A: KES won 34-11
Under-14B: KES won 54-0
Under-14C: KES won 60-0

PV: 147

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