Tue 15 May 2018 | 08:39

'Other' Results - 12 May 2018

'Other' Results - 12 May 2018
Tue 15 May 2018 | 08:39
'Other' Results - 12 May 2018

Don't you love Rondebosch? They are first again this week despite suffering at the hands of the powerful Paarl Gim side.

For the first time we welcome the 'Other' results if Hermanus High School and Edenvale High School. We have plenty of room, for more. If you would like your results for all teams to appear here, send to paul@sportsmedia365.com.

Rondebosch vs Paarl Gim

1st XV: Paarl Gim won 69-28
2nd XV: Paarl Gim won 50-0
3rd XV: Paarl Gim won 69-7
4th XV: Paarl Gim 5th won 90-0
5th XV: Paarl Gim 6th won 25-5
Under-16A: Paarl Gim won 27-10
Under-16B: Paarl Gim C won 38-5
Under-16C: Paarl Gim D won 40-0
Under-15A: Paarl Gim won 22-15
Under-15B: Paarl Gim C won 29-10
Under-15C: Rondebosch beat Paarl Gimnasium D 29-26
Under-15D: Rondebosch beat Paarl Gimnasium E 34-21
Under-14A: Paarl Gim won 36-0
Under-14B: Paarl Gim C won 41-0
Under-14C: Paarl Gim D won 69-0

Hudson Park vs Pearson

1st XV: Hudson Park won 40-25
Under-16A: Hudson Park won 12-5
Under-15A: Hudson Park won 22-12
Under-14A: Pearson won 22-15

Hermanus vs Parel Vallei & Hugenote

1st XV: Hermanus beat Parel Vallei 57-12
Under-16A: Hermanus beat Parel Vallei 22-15
Under-15A: Hugenote won 26-8
Under-14A: Hermanus beat Parel Vallei 64-0
Under-14B: Hermanus beat Parel Vallei 44-22

Glenwood vs St Charles and King Edward High School of Matatiele

3rd XV: Glenwood beat St Charles 2nd XV 49-33
4th XV: King Edward High School 1st XV won 35-12
5th XV: Glenwood beat St Charles 3rd 51-10
6th XV: Glenwood beat St Charles 4th 45-5
Under-16B: Glenwood beat King Edward High School A 49-7
Under-16C: St Charles won 25-5
Under-15B: Glenwood beat St Charles A 12-5
Under-15C: St Charles B won 22-5
Under-15D: St Charles C won 10-7
Under-14A: Glenwood beat St Charles 56-0
Under-14B: Glenwood beat King Edward High School A 25-5
Under-14C: Glenwood beat St Charles B 10-7
Under-14D: Glenwood beat St Charles C 26-14
Under-14E: Glenwood beat Northwood 42-0

SACS vs Durbanville

1st XV: SACS won 17-13
2nd XV: SACS won 23-17
3rd XV: SACS won 37-5
4th XV: SACS won 21-17
5th XV: SACS beat Alexander Sinton 1st XV won 44-13
Under-16A: SACS won 17-3
Under-16B: SACS won 32-0
Under-15A: Durbanville won 21-7
Under-15B: Durbanville won 12-7
Under-15D: SACS beat Alexander Sinton A 10-5
Under-14A: Durbanville won 28-15
Under-14B: Draw 22-22
Under-14C: SACS won 27-5

St Andrew's vs Daniël Pienaar

1st XV: St Andrew's won 43-7
2nd XV: St Andrew's won 22-15
3rd XV: St Andrew's won 61-7
4th XV: St Andrew's beat Kingswood 50-5
5th XV: Daniël Pienaar won 18-10
6th XV: St Andrew's won 36-7
Under-16A: St Andrew's won 42-17
Under-16B: St Andrew's won 36-24
Under-15A: St Andrew's won 52-27
Under-15C: Daniël Pienaar on 19-10
Under-15B: St Andrew's won 17-12
Under-14A: Daniël Pienaar won 34-10
Under-14B: Daniël Pienaar won 29-0

Graeme vs Port Rex et al

1st XV: Graeme won 22-10
2nd XV: Graeme won 29-14
3rd XV: Port Rex won  22-7
Under-16A: Port Rex won 20-10
Under-16B: Port Rex won 45-12
Under-15A: Graeme won 48-14
Under-15B: Graeme won 17-0
Under-14A: Graeme won 61-10
Under-14B: Port Rex won 38-23

Under-13A: Graeme Junior beat Port Alfred 19-12
Under-13B: Kat River A won 41-0
Under-13C: Graeme Junior beat vs Oatlands A 15-10
Under-11A: Graeme beat Port Alfred  22-0
Under-11B: Graeme beat Oatlands A 17-15
Under-11 C: Kat River A won 15-12
Under-9A: Graeme Junior beat Port Alfred 44-0

Edenvale vs Panorama

1st XV: Panorama won 19-5
Under-16A: Edenvale won 34-12
Under-15A: Edenvale won 62-0
Under-14A: Edenvale won 19-0

Bishops vs Paul Roos

1st XV: Paul Roos won 44-21 
2nd XV: Paul Roos won 58-0 
3rd XV: Bishops won 18-10
4th XV: Bishops won 24-22
5th XV: Paul Roos won 24-12 
6th XV: Paul Roos won 29-12 
7th XV: Paul Roos won 27-0 
Under-16A: Bishops won 30-10  
Under-16B: Paul Roos won 34-7
Under-16C: Bishops won 28-12 
Under-15A: Draw 29-29
Under-15B: Paul Roos won  24-14
Under-15C: Bishops won 29-12
Under-15D: Bishops won 24-10 
Under-14A: Draw 12-12 
Under-14B: Paul Roos won 60-0 
Under-14C: Paul Roos won  25-12

Queen's vs Dale

1st XV: Dale won 29-10
2nd XV: Queen's won 18-15
3rd XV: Dale won 19-5
4th XV: Queen's won 19-12
5th XV: Dale won 19-14
Under-16A: Queen's won 24-15
Under-16B: Dale won 31-12
Under-16C: Queen's won 10-5
Under-15A: Queen's won 19-10
Under-15B: Dale won  14-20
Under-14A: Dale won  35-5
Under-14B: Dale won 15-13

Westville vs DHS

1st XV: DHS won 60-10
2nd XV: Westville won  13-5
3rd XV: Westville won  52-0
5th XV: Westville beat DHS 4th XV 48-3
Under-16A: Westville won 41-0
Under-16C: Westville beat DHS B 51-0
Under-15A: DHS won 10-7
Under-15C: Westville beat DHS B 29-5
Under-15D: Westville beat DHS C 21-0
Under-14A: Westville won 13-10
Under-14B: DHS won 14-10
Under-14C: Westville won 52-0
Under-14D: Westville won 50-0

Diamantveld vs Noord-Kaap

1st XV: Diamantveld won 22-16
2nd XV: Diamantveld won 17-15
Under-16A: Noord-Kaap won 20-12
Under-15A: Diamantveld won 31-0
Under-14A: Diamantveld won 45-7

Hilton vs Pretoria Boys High

1st XV: Hilton won 27-23
2nd XV: Hilton won 20-19
3rd XV: Hilton won 19-14
4th XV: Draw 25-25
5th XV: Pretoria Boys High won 17-13
6th XV: Pretoria Boys High won 21-7
7th XV: Pretoria Boys High won 55-12
8th XV: Pretoria Boys High won 25-5
Under-16A: Hilton won 26-0 
Under-16B: Hilton won 15-14 
Under-16C: Pretoria Boys High won 26-19
Under-16D: Pretoria Boys High won 19-15
Under-15A: Hilton won 23-22
Under-15B: Pretoria Boys High won 31-7
Under-15C: Pretoria Boys High won 24-7
Under-15D: Pretoria Boys High won 59-7
Under-14A: Hilton won 60-5
Under-14B: Hilton won 60-0
Under-14C: Hilton won 50-5
Under-14D: Pretoria Boys High won 19-12

Grey College of Bloemfontein vs Selborne

1st XV: Grey won 62-24
2nd XV: Grey won 59-3
3rd XV: Grey won 17-3
4th XV: Grey won 69-5
Under-16A: Grey won 38-19
Under-16B: Grey won 26-8
Under-16D: Grey beat Selborne C 32-10 
Under-16 E: Grey beat Selborne D 15-12 
Under-15A: Grey won 41-3
Under-15B: Grey won 50-0
Under-15C: Grey won 15-12
Under-14A: Grey won 38-0
Under-14B: Grey won 66-0
Under-14C: Grey beat Selborne Under-15D 57-0
Under-14F: Selborne C won 13-5

KES vs St Benedict's

1st XV: KES won 26-24
2nd XV: KES won 63-0
3rd XV: KES won 70-0
4th XV: KES won 60-0
5th XV: KES beat St John's 62-5
6th XV: KES beat St John's 68-0
Under-16A: KES won 35-10
Under-16B: KES won 55-0
Under-16C: KES won 68-0
Under-16D: KES beat St John's C 59-0
Under-15A: KES won 17-5
Under-15B: KES won 46-7
Under-14A: KES won 75-5
Under-14B: KES won 57-0
Under-14C: KES won 64-0
Under-14D: KES beat St John's 52-7

Wynberg vs Grey High of Port Elizabeth

1st XV: Wynberg won 33-36
2nd XV: Grey won 31-22
3rd XV: Grey won 20-14
4th XV: Grey won 22-15
Under-16A: Grey won 42-31
Under-16B: Wynberg won 27-15
Under-16C: Wynberg won 15-5
Under-15A: Grey won 22-18
Under-15B: Grey won 33-8
Under-15C: Grey won 36-0
Under-15D: Grey won 79-0
Under-14A: Wynberg won 27-26
Under-14B: Wynberg won 46-21
Under-14C: Wynberg won 38-7
Under-14D: Draw 0-0
Under-14E: Grey won 43-38

Stellenberg vs Outeniqua

1st XV: Outeniqua won 31-22
2nd XV: Stellenberg won 20-7
Under-16A: Outeniqua won 48-14
Under-15A: Outeniqua won 40-5
Under-14A: Stellenberg won 17-15

PV: 81
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