Tue 17 Mar 2020 | 10:48

'Other' Results, 14 March 2020

'Other' Results, 14 March 2020
Tue 17 Mar 2020 | 10:48
'Other' Results, 14 March 2020

Mostly, when school meets school, there is more than just the 1st XV that plays. It is our devout wish that we record all the matches played right down to Under-14F.


We are a long, long way from achieving that aim and welcome any schools that send in their results. We could add them to the list below.

Please, if you can, send results to paul@sportsmedia365.com.

We may not be able to do this for some time because of the coronavirus and so let’s make this one as complete as possible.

‘Other’ Results, 14 March 2020

Selborne on Graeme Rugby Day

1st XV: Selborne beat Kingswood 1st Rugby XV (28-12)
Under-16A: Outeniqua beat Selborne 14-10
Under-15A: Outeniqua beat Selborne 40-3
Under-14A: Outeniqua beat Selborne 20-3


St Andrew’s vs Framesby

1st XV: St Andrew’s won 15-12
2nd XV: Framesby won 28-26
3rd XV:: St Andrew’s won 33-24
4th XV:: St Andrew’s won 31-12
Under-16A: St Andrew’s won 26-25
Under-16B: St Andrew’s won 17-7
Under-15A: Framesby won 31-26
Under-15B; Framesby won 17-15
Under-14A: Framesby won 25-24
Under-14B: Framesby won 17-10

Affies vs Diamantveld, Piet Potgieter, Ellisras

1st XV: Affies beat Diamantveld 85-0
2nd XV: Affies beat Diamantveld 62-0
4th XV: Affies beat Piet Potgieter 1st XV 22-12
7th XV: Affies beat Ellisras 2nd XV 22-18
8th XV: Affies beat Piet Potgieter 2nd XV 25-5
9th XV: Diamantveld 3rd XV won 13-10
Under-16A: Affies beat Diamantveld 49-7
Under-16C: Affies beat Ellisras A 50-7
Under-16D: Piet Potgieter A won 22-78
Under-16F: Affies beat Piet Potgieter B 29-3
Under-15A: Affies beat Diamantveld 45-5
Under-15C: Affies beat Ellisras A 19-7
Under-15D: Affies beat Piet Potgieter A 22-9
Under-15E: Affies beat Ellisras B 26-7
Under-15F: Affies beat Piet Potgieter B 76-0
Under-14A: Affies beat Diamantveld 65-0
Under-14C: Affies beat Ellisras A 53-14
Under-14D: Affies beat Piet Potgieter A 19-0
Under-14E: Affies beat Diamantveld B, 10-5
Under-14F: Affies beat Piet Potgieter B 74-7


Grey PE vs Die Brandwag

1st XV: Die Brandwag won 17-10
Under-16A: Grey won 19-13
Under-15A: Grey won 28-`17
Under-14A: Grey won 47-14

Grey Bloem vs Duineveld, Jim Fouché, Upington

1st XV: Grey beat Duineveld 92-7
2nd XV: Grey Cherries beat Jim Fouché 1st XV 48-10
3rd XV: Grey Peaches beat Upington 1st XV 24-12

Maritzburg College vs Northwood, Howick, Sarel Cilliers, Kearsney, Carter, Linpark

1st XV: Maritzburg College drew with Northwood 14-14
2nd XV: Maritzburg College beat Northwood 38-10
3rd XV: Maritzburg College beat Northwood 48-5
4th XV: Maritzburg College beat Howick 1st XV 45-3
5th XV: Maritzburg College beat Northwood 4th XV 50-0
6th XV: Maritzburg College beat Sarel Cilliers 2nd XV 31-22
7th XV: Maritzburg College beat Northwood 5th 67-0
8th XV: Maritzburg College beat Kearsney College 6th 57-0
9th XV: Maritzburg College beat Carter High School 1st 26-12
10th XV: Maritzburg College beat Kearsney 7th XV won 32-10
Under-16A: Maritzburg College beat Northwood 43-18
Under-16B: Maritzburg College beat Northwood 9-8
Under-16C: Maritzburg College beat Northwood 54-0
Under-16D: Maritzburg College drew with Linpark 5-5
Under-15A: Northwood won 17-7
Under-15B: Maritzburg College beat Northwood 20-5
Under-15C: Maritzburg College beat Northwood 36-10
Under-15D: Maritzburg College beat Kearsney College C 19-14
Under-15E: Maritzburg College beat Northwood D 41-0
Under-15F: Maritzburg College beat Linpark A 15-0
Under-14A: Maritzburg College beat Northwood 7-5
Under-14B: Maritzburg College beat Northwood 14-12
Under-14C: Maritzburg College beat Northwood 24-5
Under-14D: Maritzburg College beat Linpark A 30-0
Under-14E: Maritzburg College beat Northwood D won 12-5

Westville vs DHS

1st XV: Westville won 52-7
2nd XV: Westville won 29-0
3rd XV: Westville won 29-5
4th XV: Westville won 42-5
Under-16A: Westville won 14-12
Under-16B: Westville won 31-14
Under-16C: Westville won 48-0
Under-16D: Westville won 46-0
Under-15A: DHS won 17-10
Under-15B: Westville won 22-12
Under-15C: Westville won 45-15
Under-14A: DHS won 20-19
Under-14B: Westville won 15-0
Under-14C: Westville won 53-15
Under-14D: Westville won 55-5

Drostdy vs Wynberg

1st XV: Drostdy won 34-22
2nd XV: Drostdy won 52-0
3rd XV: Drostdy won 14-0
4th XV: Drostdy won 33-0
Under-16A: Wynberg won 22-19
Under-16B: Drostdy won 22-17
Under-16C: Wynberg won 26-17
Under-15A: Drostdy won 26-12
Under-15B: Wynberg won 27-7
Under-15C: Drostdy won 33-15
Under-14A: Wynberg won 45-5
Under-14B: Drostdy won 26-5
Under-14C: Wynberg won 17-12

Hilton vs Glenwood

1st XV: Hilton won 14-10
2nd XV: Glenwood won 27-22
3rd XV: Glenwood won 15-8
4th XV: Hilton won 11-0
5th XV:  Glenwood won 24-17
6th XV: Hilton won 27-0
Under-16A: Hilton won 27-3
Under-16B: Glenwood won 10-5
Under-16C: Glenwood won 24-12
Under-16D: Glenwood won 43-0
Under-16E: Glenwood won 27-12
Under-15A: Glenwood won 12-5
Under-15B: Hilton won 21-19
Under-15C: Glenwood won 29-16
Under-15D: Glenwood won 33-5
Under-14A: Glenwood won 50-0
Under-14B: Glenwood won 57-0
Under-14C: Glenwood won 52-7

Kearsney vs Clifton, Maritzburg College & Westville

1st XV: Kearsney won 29-10
2nd XV: Kearsney won 35-5
5th XV: Kearsney beat Clifton 3rd XV 34-15
6th XV: Kearsney beat Maritzburg College 8th XV 36-10
Under-16A: Kearsney won 50-0
Under-16C: Kearsney beat Clifton B 52-0
Under-15A: Kearsney won 41-0
Under-15C: Kearsney beat Maritzburg College D 17-10
Under-15D: Kearsney beat Clifton B 17-10
Under-14A: Kearsney won 52-0
Under-14C: Kearsney beat Clifton B 26-5
Under-14D: Kearsney beat Westville E 12-7

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