Tue 24 Jul 2018 | 01:24

'Other' Results - 21 July 2018

'Other' Results - 21 July 2018
Tue 24 Jul 2018 | 01:24
'Other' Results - 21 July 2018

We have published the results of school vs school in all teams in the order in which we received them with the source of the results first in the heading.

For example Rondebosch’s results were first to arrive, as they frequently are. To their great credit, they send them in even if they are unflattering to themselves, as is the case this week.

In publishing all the scores we acknowledge the enthusiasm of schools and their staff that gives their boys a chance to play and the enthusiasm of every boy who runs out onto the field on a Saturday, determined to give his best for his school and their parents who encourage them.

We can always add to the results. To have them published, send them to paul@sportsmedia365.com.

Rondebosch vs Stellenberg

1st XV: Stellenberg won 31-12
2nd XV: Stellenberg won 22-20
3rd XV: Stellenberg won 24-0
4th XV: Stellenberg won 31-7
Under-16A: Stellenberg won 14-13
Under-16B: Stellenberg won 33-0
Under-16C: Stellenberg won 47-12
Under-15A: Rondebosch won 12-10
Under-15B: Rondebosch won 27-12
Under-14A: Stellenberg won 7-3
Under-14B: Stellenberg won 29-14
Under-14C: Stellenberg won

Paarl Boys’ High vs Oakdale & DF Malan

1st XV: Oakdale won 47-29
2nd XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 49-7
3rd XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 47-22
4th XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 33-7
5th XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 33-0
6th XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 21-7
7th XV: Paarl Boys’ High beat DF Malan B 17-11
8th XV: Paarl Boys’ High beat DF Malan C 12-0
Under-16A: Paarl Boys’ High won 17-11
Under-16B: Paarl Boys’ High won 26-5
Under-16C: Paarl Boys’ High won 36-7
Under-16D: Paarl Boys’ High won 52-5
Under-16 E: DF Malan A won 10-0
Under-16F: DF Malan B won 1 17
Under-15A: Oakdale 26-19
Under-15B: Paarl Boys’ High won 21-5
Under-15C: Paarl Boys’ High won 15-14
Under-15D: Paarl Boys’ High won 33-0
Under-15E: Paarl Boys’ High won 17-8
Under-15F: DF Malan B won 37-7
Under-14A: Paarl Boys’ High won 36-5
Under-14B: Paarl Boys’ High won 10-0
Under-14C: Paarl Boys’ High won 31-5
Under-14D: Paarl Boys’ High won 49-7

SACS vs Boland Landbou

1st XV: Boland Landbou won 47-24
2nd XV: Boland Landbou won 18-12
3rd XV: Boland Landbou won 24-12
4th XV: SACS won 27-12
5th XV: SACS won 17-10
Under-16A: Boland Landbou won 33-19
Under-16B: Boland Landbou won 13-12
Under-16C: SACS won 25-17
Under-15A: Boland Landbou won 8-5
Under-15B: Boland Landbou won 28-7
Under-15C: Boland Landbou won 45-0
Under-15D: SACS won 13-12
Under-14A: SACS won 13-10
Under-14B: Boland Landbou won 23-7
Under-14C: SACS won 22-0
Under-14D: Boland Landbou won 19-12

Graeme vs Pearson

1st XV: Graeme won 23-17
2nd XV: Graeme won 19-12
3rd XV: Pearson won 19-5
4th XV: Pearson won 32-26
Under-16A: Graeme won 19-8
Under-16B: Pearson won 17-10
Under-15A: Pearson won 32-5
Under-15B: Pearson won 36-17
Under-14A: Graeme won 10-5
Under-14B: Pearson won 33-0

Graeme Junior Results

The Junior School had a great outing against Herbert Hurd, Grahamstown Primary and Oatlands on Saturday. Graeme managed to win all their games against Herbert Hurd, which is always an enjoyable fixture. The Under-13A side would be very pleased with their 44-0 win on the day.

Under-13A: Graeme beat Herbert Hurd 44-0
Under-13B: Graeme beat Herbert Hurd 38-5
Under-13C: Graeme beat Oatlands A 37-15
Under-13D: Grahamstown A won 22-7
Under-11A: Graeme beat Herbert Hurd 7-5
Under-11B: Graeme beat Herbert Hurd 25-5
Under-11 C: Oatlands A won 27-0
Under-11D: Grahamstown Primary A won 40-0
Under-9A: Graeme beat Herbert Hurd 38-5

Grey vs Framesby and others

1st XV: Grey won 39-13
2nd XV: Grey won 35-15
3rd XV: Grey won 69-0
6th XV Grey beat Otto du Plessis 3rd XV 73-5
Under-16A: Grey won 19-12
Under-16B: Grey won 63-12
Under-15A: Grey won 28-17
Under-15B: Grey won 33-0
Under-15E: Andrew Rabie A won 58-12
Under-14A: Grey won 45-27
Under-14B: Grey won 33-0
Under-14D: Otto du Plessis A won 26-12
Under-14E: Framesby C won 46-17

Hudson Park vs Selborne

1st XV: Selborne won 54-10
Under-16A vs Selborne College 28-16
Under-15A: Selborne won 40-12
Under-14A: Hudson Park won 18-17

Kempton Park vs Marais Viljoen

1st XV: Marais Viljoen won 34-33
Under-16A: Marais Viljoen won 17-12
Under-154: Marais Viljoen won 24-5
Under-14A: Marais Viljoen won 21-12

Bishops vs Strand & Royal Grammar School Worcester

1st XV: Bishops beat Strand 81-5
2nd XV: Bishops beat Strand 83-0
3rd XV: Bishops beat Royal Grammar School Worcester, 30-12
4th XV: Bishops beat Strand 3rd XV 50-0
5th XV: Bishops beat Strand 4th XV 52-0
Under-16A: Bishops beat Strand 56-17
Under-16B: Bishops beat Royal Grammar School Worcester 26-5
Under-16C: Bishops beat Strand B 15-12
Under-15A: Bishops beat Strand 58-0
Under-14A: Bishops beat Strand 43-7
Under-14B: Strand won 30-20

Paarl Gim vs Outeniqua

1st XV: Paarl Gim won 57-0
2nd XV: Paarl Gim won 38-15
3rd XV: Paarl Gim won 83-0
Under-16A: Paarl Gim won 25-15
Under-16B: Paarl Gim won 26-3
Under-16D: Outeniqua C won 14-6
Under-15A: Draw 13-13
Under-15B: Paarl Gim won 15-0
Under-15D: Paarl Gim beat Outeniqua C 22-13
Under-14A: Paarl Gim won 38-5
Under-14B: Paarl Gim won 72-0
Under-14C: Paarl Gim won 54-5

KES vs Pretoria Boys High

1st XV: KES won 26-19
2nd XV: KES won 20-3
3rd XV: KES won 17-5
4th XV: Pretoria Boys High won 14-12
5th XV: KES won 17-15
6th XV: Pretoria Boys High won 39-0
Under-16A: KES won 34-14
Under-16B: KES won 8-5
Under-16C: KES won 17-12
Under-16D: Pretoria Boys High won 33-0
Under-15A: KES won 16-3
Under-15B: Pretoria Boys High won 15-8
Under-15C: Pretoria Boys High won 15-8
Under-15D: KES won 12-17
Under-15E: KES won 34-14
Under-15F: KES won 34-0
Under-14A: KES won 17-0
Under-14B: KES won 24-0
Under-14C: KES won 22-0
Under-14D: KES won 22-10
Under-14E: Pretoria Boys High won 44-0

Affies vs Maritzburg College

1st XV: Affies won 17-13
2nd XV: Affies won 37-12
3rd XV: Affies won 42-14
4th XV: Maritzburg College won 15-14
5th XV: Affies won 25-20
6th XV: Affies won 31-5
7th XV: Affies won 19-5
8th XV: Affies won 33-12
9th XV: Affies won 47-5
Under-16A: Maritzburg College won 37-32
Under-16B: Draw 14-14
Under-16C: Affies won 28-5
Under-16D: Affies won 22-5
Under-16 E: Affies won 109-0
Under-15A: Affies won 31-15
Under-15B: Affies won 50-12
Under-15C: Affies won 46-0
Under-15D: Affies won 31-0
Under-15E: Affies won 19-11
Under-15F: Affies won 62-0
Under-14A: Affies won 42-12
Under-14B: Affies won 24-5
Under-14C: Affies won 41-0
Under-14D: Affies won 50-0
Under-14E: Affies won 48-0

Glenwood vs HTS Middelburg

1st XV: Glenwood won 83-0
2nd XV: HTS Middelburg won 31-27
3rd XV: HTS Middelburg won 38-0
4th XV: Glenwood won 39-19
Under-16A HTS Middelburg won 27-19
Under-16B: HTS Middelburg won 17-8
Under-15A: HTS Middelburg won 26-7
Under-15B: Glenwood won 8-0
Under-15C: Glenwood won 19-17
Under-14A: HTS Middelburg won 29-0
Under-14B: HTS Middelburg won 15-0
Under-14C: HTS Middelburg won 31-7
Under-14D: Glenwood won 45-10

St Andrew’s vs Marlow

1st XV: Marlow won 39-31
2nd XV: St Andrew’s won 43-0
3rd XV: St Andrew’s won 26-21
4th XV: St Andrew’s won 33-12
Under-16A: Marlow won 15-14
Under-16B: St Andrew’s won 38-3
Under-15A: Marlow won 22-17
Under-15B: Marlow won 30-5
Under-15C: St Andrew’s won 31-23
Under-14A: St Andrew’s won 41-14
Under-14B: St Andrew’s won 26-21

DHS vs Parktown

1st XV: Parktown won 51-15
2nd XV: Parktown won 40-14
3rd XV: Parktown won 25-7
Under-16A: Parktown won 31-18
Under-15A: DHS won 15-5
Under-15B: DHS won 57-7
Under-15C: Parktown won 17-3
Under-14A: DHS won 28-0
Under-14B: DHS won 74-7
Under-14C: DHS won 33-5

Menlopark vs Monument

1st XV: Monument won 40-26
2nd XV: Monument won 55-5
Under-16A: Monument won 18-15
Under-16B: Monument won 32-0
Under-15A: Menlopark won 47–12
Under-15B: Menlopark won 12-7
Under-14A: Menlopark won 33-7
Under-14B: Monument won 10-38

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