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'Other' Results, 25 May 2019

'Other' Results, 25 May 2019
Wed 29 May 2019 | 03:47
'Other' Results, 25 May 2019

Some were concerned about exams but many boys had the chance to sharpen their minds and their bodies on the rugby field.

Here are some results, in the order in which he received them. The source is mentioned first in the results, and doff your hats to SACS, who do as they always do – tell it as it is.

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Menlopark vs Garsfontein

1st XV: Garsfontein won 46-20
Under-16A: Draw 21-21
Under-15A: Garsfontein won 15-12
Under-14A: Menlopark won 21-13

Selborne vs St Andrew’s

1st XV: Selborne won 28-12
2nd XV: St Andrews won 22-5
3rd XV: Selborne won 19-5
4th XV: St Andrews 40-0
5th XV: St Andrews 34-14
6th XV: Selborne won 36-7
Under-16A: Selborne won 28-22
Under-16B: Selborne won 43-17
Under-16C: Selborne won 21-7
Under-15A: St Andrews 17-15
Under-15B: Selborne won 46-0
Under-15C: Selborne won 53-12
Under-14A: Selborne won 27-7
Under-14B: Selborne won 53-0
Under-14C: Selborne won 65-0\

SACS vs Paarl Gim

1st XV: Paarl Gim won 41-19
2nd XV: Paarl Gim won 28-12
3rd XV: Paarl Gim won 65-0
4th XV: Paarl Gim won 66-3
5th XV: Paarl Gim won 72-7
6th XV: Paarl Gim won 54-0
Under-16A: Paarl Gim won 36-11
Under-16B: Paarl Gim won 46-7
Under-16C: Paarl Gim won 84-0
Under-16D: Paarl Gim won 53-7
Under-15A: Paarl Gim won 43-0
Under-15B: Paarl Gim won 37-0
Under-15C: Paarl Gim won 35-0
Under-15D: Paarl Gim won 38-0
Under-14A: Paarl Gim won 74-0
Under-14B: Paarl Gim won 67-0
Under-14C: Paarl Gim won 53-0
Under-14D: Paarl Gim won 42-0

Union High vs Westering

1st XV: Union High won 45-22
2nd XV: Union High won 48-3
Under-16A: Union High won 25-20
Under-15A: Union High won 19-15
Under-14A: Westering won 22-12

DHS vs Voortrekker & Clifton

1st XV: DHS beat Voortrekker 66-3
2nd XV: Clifton 1st XV beat DHS 26-17
3rd XV: Clifton 2nd XV beat DHS 27-3
Under-16A: DHS beat Voortrekker 31-16
Under-16B: Clifton A beat DHS 24-0
Under-15A: DHS beat Voortrekker 48-0
Under-15B: DHS beat Clifton B 17-7
Under-14A: DHS beat Voortrekker 50-0
Under-14B: Clifton A beat DHS 33-14
Under-14C: DHS beat Clifton B 33-25

Affies vs Jeppe

1st XV: Affies won 47-28
2nd XV: Affies won 29-14
3rd XV: Affies won 26-0
4th XV: Affies won 29-3
5th XV: Affies won 63-5
9th XV: Draw with Jeppe 6th XV 17-17
Under-16A: Affies won 40-19
Under-16B: Affies won 68-7
Under-16C: Affies won 95-0
Under-16F: Affies beat Jeppe D 63-5
Under-15A: Jeppe won 15-12
Under-15B: Affies won 38-7
Under-15C: Affies won 67-0
Under-15E: beat Jeppe D 48-0
Under-15F: beat Jeppe E 43-0
Under-14A: Affies won 42-0
Under-14B: Affies won 54-0
Under-14C: Affies won 58-0
Under-14E: Affies beat Jeppe D 38-7
Under-14F: Affies beat Jeppe E 42-7

Westville vs Maritzburg College

1st XV: Westville won 28-26
2nd XV: Westville won 28-16
3rd XV: Westville won 14-12
4th XV: Maritzburg College won 47-0
5th XV: Maritzburg College won 59-0
6th XV: Maritzburg College won 57-0
Under-16A: Maritzburg College won 33-17
Under-16B: Maritzburg College won 35-7
Under-16C: Maritzburg College won 26-10
Under-16D: Maritzburg College won 24-5
Under-15A: Maritzburg College won 36-10
Under-15B: Draw 24-24
Under-15C: Maritzburg College won 35-8
Under-15E: Westville won 21-20
Under-14A: Maritzburg College won 24-21
Under-14B: Maritzburg College won 50-0
Under-14C: Maritzburg College won 33-0

Paarl Boys’ High vs Paul Roos, Kylemore, Melkbosstrand & Van der Stel

1st XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 29-16
2nd XV: Paul Roos won 19-17
3rd XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 24-14
4th XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 62-0
5th XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 42-21
6th XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 43-0
7th XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 40-0
8th XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 17-15
9th XV: Melkbosstrand 1st XV won 38-0
Under-16A: Paarl Boys’ High won 55-6
Under-16B: Paarl Boys’ High won 66-3
Under-16C: Paarl Boys’ High won 13-7
Under-16D: Paarl Boys’ High won 31-7
Under-16E: Paarl Boys’ High won 40-7
Under-16F: Paarl Boys’ High beat Kylemore A 32-29
Under-15A: Paarl Boys’ High won 26-24
Under-15B: Paarl Boys’ High won 36-17
Under-15C: Paarl Boys’ High won 24-10
Under-15D: Paarl Boys’ High won 20-0
Under-15E: Kylemore A won 25-10
Under-15F: Van der Stel A won 28-10
Under-14A: Paarl Boys’ High won 24-17
Under-14B: Paarl Boys’ High won 40-7
Under-14C: Draw 14-14
Under-14D: Paarl Boys’ High won 32-0
Under-14E: Paarl Boys’ High won 31-24
Under-14F: Melkbosstrand A won 28-5

Northwood vs St Benedict’s

1st XV: Northwood won 36-20
2nd XV: Northwood won 38-0
3rd XV: Northwood won 44-22
Under-16A: St Benedict’s won 22-17
Under-15A: Northwood won 56-5
Under-15B: Northwood won 58-0
Under-14A: Northwood won 53-0
Under-14B: Northwood won 44-0

Wynberg vs Hugenote, Fairmont & Groote Schuur

1st XV: Wynberg beat Hugenote 26-9
3rd XV: Wynberg beat Hugenote 2nd XV 40-0
4th XV: Fairmont 2nd XV beat Wynberg 17-15
Under-16A: Hugenote won 22-19
Under-16C: Wynberg beat Hugenote B 17-14
Under-15A: Wynberg beat Hugenote 40-5
Under-15C: Wynberg beat Groote Schuur A 27-7
Under-14A: Wynberg beat Hugenote 51-14
Under-14B: Wynberg beat Groote Schuur A 34-10
Under-14C: Wynberg beat Hugenote B 53-5

PV: 148

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