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'Other' Results - 27 July 2019

'Other' Results - 27 July 2019
Tue 30 Jul 2019 | 04:35
'Other' Results - 27 July 2019

Even though winter is not over, for many the rugby season has again closed down, which is a pity as it shuts the door on many a boy’s chance to extend himself physically and emotionally within the confines of a great sport which makes demands on a great range of talents, individual and team.


If others would like to send in the activities of their boys on Saturday just past, they could send them to paul@sportsmedia365.com.

Again, the results here are given in the order in which we receive them and with the source first in the headline, which this week means that Oakdale were first in.

‘Other’ Results – 27 July 2019

Oakdale vs Framesby

1st XV: Framesby won 22-20
2nd XV: Oakdale won 17-14
3rd XV: Oakdale won 31-14
4th XV: Oakdale won 56-0
Under-16A: Oakdale won 69-0
Under-16B: Oakdale won 27-0
Under-16C: Oakdale won 64-0
Under-15A: Oakdale won 26-7
Under-15B: Oakdale won 62-7
Under-15C: Oakdale won 70-0
Under-14A: Oakdale won 36-5
Under-14B: Oakdale won 41-3
Under-14C: Oakdale won 36-0

Rondebosch vs Paarl Boys’ High


1st XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 47-10
2nd XV: Paarl Boys’ High won 59-3
3rd XV: Paarl Boys’ High 4th XV won 53-0
4th XV: Paarl Boys’ High 5th XV won 42-15
Under-16A: Paarl Boys’ High won 45-0
Under-16B: Paarl Boys’ High won 59-0
Under-16C: Paarl Boys’ High D won 46-0
Under-15A: Draw 24-24
Under-15B: Paarl Boys’ High won 24-3
Under-15C: Paarl Boys’ High D won 10-3
Under-14A: Paarl Boys’ High won 51-0
Under-14B: Paarl Boys’ High won 26-7
Under-14C: Paarl Boys’ High won 33-15
Under-14D: Paarl Boys’ High E won 55-7

Menlopark vs Dr EG Jansen

1st XV: Dr EG Jansen won 29-17
Under-16A: Menlopark won 45-10
Under-15A: Menlopark won 45-6
Under-14A: Menlopark won 29-8

Hermanus vs DF Malan


1st XV: DF Malan won 32-24
2nd XV: Draw 19-19
3rd XV: Hermanus won 17-12
Under-16A: DF Malan won 28-13
Under-15A: Hermanus won 29-10
Under-15B: Draw 5-5
Under-14A: Hermanus won 12-3
Under-14B: DF Malan won 28-5

Selborne vs Dale

1st XV: Selborne won 28-23
2nd XV: Selborne won 38-10
3rd XV: Selborne won 10-9
4th XV: Selborne won 45-14
5th XV: Selborne won 25-12
Under-16A: Selborne won 26-19
Under-16B: Selborne won 46-17
Under-16C: Selborne won 33-10
Under-15A: Selborne won 38-0
Under-15B: Selborne won 47-7
Under-15C: Selborne won 33-31
Under-14A: Selborne won 55-0
Under-14B: Selborne won 65-0
Under-14C: Selborne won 58-0

SACS vs Bishops

1st XV: Bishops won 47-17
2nd XV: SACS won 29-26
3rd XV: Bishops won 28-7
4th XV: Bishops won 12-5
5th XV: Bishops won 22-12
6th XV: SACS won 27-12
Under-16A: SACS won 13-12
Under-16B: Bishops won 12-0
Under-16C: SACS won 36-5
Under-15A: Bishops won 15-7
Under-15B: SACS won 28-5
Under-15C: SACS won 17-10
Under-14A: Bishops won 26-15
Under-14B: Bishops won 10-7
Under-14C: Bishops won 26-17
Under-14D: SACS won 19-5

Affies vs Pretoria Boys High

1st XV: Pretoria Boys High won 38-21
2nd XV: Affies won 31-0
3rd XV: Affies won 43-12
4th XV: Affies won 28-3
5th XV: Affies won 41-14
6th XV: Affies won 47-5
7th XV: Affies won 61-0
8th XV: Affies won 52-0
Under-16A: Affies won 45-18
Under-16B: Affies won 27-7
Under-16C: Affies won 39-0
Under-16D: Affies won 46-0
Under-16E: Affies won 69-0
Under-15A: Affies won 54-0
Under-15B: Affies won 49-0
Under-15C: Affies won 61-0
Under-15D: Affies won 65-0
Under-15E: Affies won 84-0
Under-14A: Affies won 36-6
Under-14B: Affies won 77-0
Under-14C: Affies won 65-0
Under-14D: Affies won 74-0
Under-14E: Affies won 108-0

Wynberg vs Paarl Gim

1st XV: Paarl Gim won 59-14
2nd XV: Paarl Gim won 32-7
3rd XV: Paarl Gim won 66-0
4th XV: Paarl Gim 5th won 55-0
Under-16A: Paarl Gim won 38-0
Under-16B: Paarl Gim won 38-14
Under-16D: Paarl Gim won 49-0
Under-15A: Paarl Gim won 12-7
Under-15B: Paarl Gim won 54-0
Under-15C: Paarl Gim won 15-7
Under-15D: Paarl Gim won 17-7
Under-14A: Paarl Gim won 40-5
Under-14B: Paarl Gim won 36-0
Under-14C: Paarl Gim won 80-0
Under-14D: Paarl Gim won 66-0
Under-14E: Paarl Gim won 59-0

Grey College vs Glenwood

1st XV: Grey won 58-27
2nd XV: Grey won 50-3
3rd XV: Grey won 45-3
4th XV: Grey won 50-6
Under-16A: Grey won 48-26
Under-16B: Grey won 48-0
Under-16D: Grey beat Glenwood C 50-7
Under-15A: Grey won 40-5
Under-15B: Grey won 50-5
Under-15D: Grey beat Glenwood C 50-0
Under-15F: Grey beat Glenwood D 50-5
Under-14A: Grey won 26-7
Under-14B: Grey won 48-0
Under-14D: Grey beat Glenwood C 26-7
Under-14F: Glenwood D won 29-22

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