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'Other' Schools Results, 9 March 2019

'Other' Schools Results, 9 March 2019
Wed 13 Mar 2019 | 12:37
'Other' Schools Results, 9 March 2019

This is a chance to recognise that more than just the 1st XV plays rugby.

It  is the first edition; there will be many more as the season gets going.

We publish the results in the order ion which we receive them. Menlopark’s are first because Kwagga Loubser had them in on Sunday already.

The first name in each set of results is usually the host side, not necessarily the school that sent the results in.

For inclusion this week and in weeks to come, please send results to

‘Other’ Results, 9 March 2019

Menlopark vs Transvalia

1st XV: Menlopark won 25-8
Under-16A: Menlopark won 43-22
Under-15A: Menlopark won 13-7
Under-14A: Menlopark won 40-8

Garsfontein vs Kempton Park

1st XV: Garsfontein won 64-12
2nd XV: Garsfontein won 36-0
3rd XV: Garsfontein won 36-0
4th XV: Garsfontein won 34-0
Under-16A: Garsfontein won 35-0
Under-16B: Garsfontein won 24-17
Under-15A: Garsfontein won 40-5
Under-15B: Garsfontein won 54-7
Under-14A: Garsfontein won 71-0
Under-14B: Garsfontein won 27-12

St Andrew’s vs Nico Malan

1st XV: St Andrew’s won 47-12
2nd XV: St Andrew’s won 22-5
3rd XV: St Andrew’s won 33-10
Under-16A: Nico Malan won 26-14
Under-16B: St Andrew’s won 36-5
Under-15A: Nico Malan won 17-15
Under-15B: Nico Malan won 24-0
Under-14A: Nico Malan won 17-10
Under-14B: St Andrew’s won 19-0

Glenwood vs Westville

1st XV: Glenwood won 22-7
2nd XV: Westville won 24-5
3rd XV: Westville won 32-5
4th XV: Westville won 31-5
5th XV: Glenwood won 19-5
6th XV: Westville won 12-5
Under-16A: Glenwood won 10-19
Under-16B: Glenwood won 12-10
Under-16C: Westville won 15-12
Under-16D: Glenwood won 45-19
Under-15A: Westville won 15-7
Under-15B: Westville won 22-19
Under-15C: Westville won 45-7
Under-15D: Westville won 57-5
Under-15E: Glenwood won 7-0
Under-14A: Glenwood won 48-0
Under-14B: Glenwood won 69-0
Under-14C: Glenwood won 40-0
Under-14D: Glenwood won 17-0

DHS vs Hilton

1st XV: Hilton won 20-3
2nd XV: Hilton won 10-3
3rd XV: Hilton won 52-0
4th XV: Hilton won 41-5
Under-16A: Hilton won 46-0
Under-16B: Hilton won 27-7
Under-16C: Hilton won 53-0
Under-15A: Hilton won 28-14
Under-15B: Hilton won 24-5
Under-15C: Hilton won 34-19
Under-15D: DHS won 43-22
Under-14A: Hilton won 12-7
Under-14B: Hilton won 52-19
Under-14C: Hilton won 42-0
Under-14D: Hilton won 12-17

Maritzburg College vs Northwood

1st XV: Northwood won 30-26
2nd XV: College won 17-7
3rd XV: College won 36-10
4th XV: College won 45-5
5th XV: College won 60-0
6th XV: College won 50-8
Under-16A: College won 22-7
Under-16B: College won 38-8
Under-16C: College won 51-0
Under-15A: College won 13-7
Under-15B: College won 29-5
Under-15C: College won 36-5
Under-15D: College won 43-0
Under-14A: College won 34-5
Under-14B: College won 29-7
Under-14C: College won 51-0
Under-14D: College won 55-7

PV: 296

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