Sat 4 Aug 2018 | 08:05

Paarl Turns Blue and White

Paarl Turns Blue and White
Sat 4 Aug 2018 | 08:05
Paarl Turns Blue and White

The 102nd Interschools match between Paarl Boys’ High and Paarl Gim was as intense as it has always been, as some 25 000- people crammed into the stadium in Faure Street, Paarl. Gim were favourites but Boys’ High won a nail-biting, breathless 24-21 with Gim attacking at the end.

And when the final whistle went, Boys’ High supporters flooded the field to greet their heroic players while Gim players dropped their heads in bitter disappointment.

If that had been the only match Boys’ High had won this year – which it wasn’t – their season would have been a success. If it had been the only match Gim lost this year, the season would have been a failure. Such is the value of the Interschools match – the world’s biggest schoolboy match. There is nothing quite like it.

It was a match that affected everybody living in Paarl and thousands across the country and beyond.

Winning becomes the only criterion. Play it tomorrow and Gim could well win handsomely, as they were expected to do this time. Play it again on Monday and Boys’ High could win. There was not much in it and yet the divide between victory and defeat was wide, deep, absolute.

It was sunny in Paarl on Saturday afternoon with a light breeze. There were decorations – blue and white on one side and green, maroon and yellow on the other. There was a flypast by three light planes. There were stately ceremonies and colourful cheerleaders. There were songs and warcries. Balloons of the five colours flew up and away. The teams were introduced to the principals of the two schools. Then Boys’ High kicked off to start the vital business of rugby.

Penalties knocked Boys’ High about a bit. (The final count was 15-7 against them.) Gim used a kickable penalty to set up a line-out, from which they bashed till centre Dawid Kellerman, Gim’s captain, beat two defenders to slam the ball down for a try.

There were six tries in this match, three each. Trent Sivertsen converted all Boys’ High’s tries and Charl Janson converted all Gim’s.

The only score that was not try-related was a penalty goaled by Trent Sivertsen, that turned out to be the difference between the two teams in the end. That penalty made the score 7-3 to Gim after 10 minutes’ play.

After some strong forward play Carlo Uys had a powerful run down the right wing. Simon Carstens was over but penalised for playing on when tackled.

Boys’ High’s first try came as a surprise. Gim had the ball. In fact it was with Kellerman, a much marked man. He was held and centre Noegh Hayward ripped the ball from his possession. Hayward immediately passed it to speedy Javier Farmer who sped through 32 empty metres to score near the posts. And Boys’ High led 10-7 after 27 minutes.

Kellerman broke cleanly for a long run but had no close support. Then he and Juan Beukes put their side on the attack. Boys’ High were penalised and lost a man to the sin bin. It was in an eminently kickable position but Gim opted for a line-out which they threw in skew.

Half-time arrived with Boys’ High leading 10-7.

Stravino Jacobs, the SA Schools wing, had a strong run and, getting the ball agai, he ran, chipped and gathered but Sivertsen knocked him into touch.

Then from inside their own half, Gim kicked from well inside the Boys’ High half. Sivertsen got the ball well inside his own half and started running. It was sharp running and he beat three Gimmies before giving to big Evan Roos, the SA Schools eighthman, and he pounded through the little Gimmies for a brilliant try. 17-7 after 42 minutes.

In a way the try epitomised the difference between the two teams. Boys’ High ran rather than kicked and they passed rather than took the tackle.

Boys’ High’s tails were up. Captain Adrian Alberts charged and the ball went to Farmer who sped past three Gimmies to score his second try. 24-7 after 45 minutes.

It seemed that the stadium was becoming an abattoir!

But in the remaining 30 minutes it was Gimmies who attacked and scored.

First Kellerman broke, Boys’ High were – again – penalised and Gim had a five-metre line-out. They mauled and Juan Wilson bashed over far out. 24-14 after 49 minutes.

Gim now became desperate as they flung their bodies at their opponents. They attacked but their hands let them down, and then Kellerman broke down the right. He played inside to Bobby Alexander who ran towards the posts, looking like a certain scorer till Roos brought him down. Kellerman was on hand to pick up and score. 24-21 with two minutes to play.

in those two minutes, Boys’ High were penalised twice. Twice they stole Gim’s line-outs. But Gim were on the attack rumbling a maul forward but when the maul fell down the referee ordered a scrum but before it could happen, he blew the final whistle as the match had stretched beyond 70 minutes.

Glee and grief broke out.


For Boys’ High:
Tries: Javier Farmer 2, Evan Roos
Cons: Trent Sivertsen 3
Pen: Trent Sivertsen

for Paarl Gim:
Tries: Dawid Kellerman 2, Juan Wilson
Cons: Charl Janson 3


Paarl Boys’ High: 15 Trent Sivertsen, 14 Carlo Uys, 13 Quan Horn, 12 Noegh Hayward, 11 Javier Farmer, 10 Estiaan van Rensburg, 9 Simon Carstens, 8 Evan Roos, 7 Arminn Posthumus, 6 Louwan Horn, 5 Adrian Alberts (captain), 4 Emile van Heerden, 3 Roubert Bester, Cullen van der Merwe, 1 De Wet Wolhuter

Paarl Gim: 15 Tiaan Swanepoel, 14 Hein Strauss, 13 Stephan Du Toit, 12 Dawid Kellerman (captain), 11 Stravino Jacobs, 10 Charl Janson, 9 Bobby Alexander, 8 Juan Wilson, 7 Pierich Siebert, 6 Dean Nieuwoudt, 5 Juan Beukes, 4 Mark Etzebeth, 3 Jovan Bekker, 2 Van Eeden Hanekom, 1 Preben Verleden

Referee: Cwengile Jadezweni (Western Province Referees’ Society)
Assistant referees Aimee Barrett-Theron (Western Province Referees’ Society), Wickus Nell (Western Province Referees’ Society)

Results Down the Years

1915: Boys’ High won 10-0
1916: Gim won 7-5
1917: Gim won 3-0
1918: Gim won 3-0
1919: Gim won 9-0
1920: Gim won 20-0
1921: Draw 6-6
1922: Draw 3-3
1923: Boys’ High won 3-0
1924: Boys’ High won 13-5
1925: Boys’ High won 7-3
1926: Boys’ High won 6-5
1927: Gim won 5-3
1928: No match
1929: Draw 3-3
1930: Boys’ High won 5-3
1931: Gim won 6-0
1932: Gim won 7-3
1933: Boys’ High won 3-0
1934: Boys’ High won 5-4
1935: Draw 0-0
1936: Gim won 11-6
1937: Gim won 5-3
1938: Gim won 5-3
1939: Gim won 9-8
1940: Draw 3-3
1941: Gim won 6-0
1942: Draw 0-0
1943: Gim won 9-6
1944: Boys’ High won 6-0
1945: Boys’ High won 14-6
1946: Draw 3-3
1947: Boys’ High won 8-3
1948: Draw 3-3
1949: Gim won 9-3
1950: Boys’ High won 6-3
1951: Boys’ High won 6-0
1952: Boys’ High won 11-0
1953: Boys’ High won 6-5
1956: Gim won 6-3
1957: Gim won 5-3
1958: Gim won 11-0
1959: Boys’ High won 11-3
1960: Gim won 9-3
1961: Boys’ High won 6-0
1962: Boys’ High won 6-0
1963: Boys’ High won 8-0
1964: Gim won 9-8
1965: Gim won 11-0
1966: Gim won 8-0
1967: Gim won 8-6
1968: Gim won 3-0
1969: Boys’ High won 8-5
1970: Gim won 19-8
1971: Boys’ High won 11-6
1972: Boys’ High won 6-3
1973: Boys’ High won 19-6
1974: Gim won 9-3
1975: Boys’ High won 3-0
1976: Gim won 8-6
1977: Boys’ High won 15-6
1978: Gim won 13-10
1979: Gim won 12-6
1980: Gim won 9-3
1981: Gim won 12-0
1982: Boys’ High won 16-15
1983: Gim won 15-6
1984: Gim won 10-4
1985: Boys’ High won 16-6
1986: Draw 0-0
1987: Boys’ High won 15-7
1988: Draw 6-6
1989: Gim won 15-4
1990: Boys’ High won 10-6
1991: Boys’ High won 8-4
1992: Gim won 20-15
1993: Boys’ High won 19-17
1994: Boys’ High won 11-6
1995: Boys’ High won 17-3
1996: Gim won 18-16
1997: Gim won 13-10
1998: Boys’ High won 16-5
1999: Gim won 13-6
2000: Boys’ High won 15-7
2001: Boys’ High won 12-3
2002: Gim won 15-0
2003: Boys’ High won 25-6
2004: Gim won 13-3
2005: Gim won 22-10
2006: Gim won 23-17
2007: Gim won 10-0
2008: Gim won 35-8
2009: Boys’ High won 24-12
2010: Draw 19-19
2011: Gim won 22-19
2012: Gim won 16-9
2013: Gim won 37-26
2014: Gim won 16-15
2015: Boys’ High won 16-10
2016: Boys’ High won 26-25
2017: Boys’ High won 18-13
2018: Boys’ High won 24-21

PV: 82

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