Sun 8 Sep 2019 | 11:29

Paarl Wins the Sevens in Paarl

Paarl Wins the Sevens in Paarl
Sun 8 Sep 2019 | 11:29
Paarl Wins the Sevens in Paarl

After two days of the Marius Sevens played at Paarl Gim, Paarl Boys’ High won the Under-17 Sevens while Paarl Gim ran out winners in the Under-15 Division.


In the Under-17 Final, Paarl Boys’ High beat Monument of Krugersdorp after beating Durbanville in the quarterfinal and Affies in the semifinal.

In the Under-15 Final, hosts Paarl Gim beat neighbours Boland Landbou after beating Oakdale in the semifinal and Outeniqua in the quarterfinal.


Under-17 Results

Pool Matches

Affies vs Drostdy, 33-5
Oakdale vs Stellenberg, 29-21
Amdec Blitz vs Parel Vallei, 26-12
Paarl Boys’ High vs Hermanus, 45-0
Outeniqua vs Noordheuwel, 24-14
Milnerton vs VUKA SA Legends, 19-5
Paul Roos vs Parel Vallei, 48-0
Affies vs Overberg, 43-7
Oakdale vs Douglas, 57-0
Monument vs VUKA SA Legends, 62-0
Paarl Boys’ High vs Paarl Gim, 31-0
Milnerton vs Boland Landbou, 29-15
Noordheuwel vs Paulus Joubert, 36-5
Hermanus vs Paarl Barbarians, 17-12
Oakdale vs Garsfontein, 31-12
Affies vs Tygerberg, 63-0
Durbanville vs Parel Vallei, 31-12
Stellenberg vs Douglas, 33-0
Drostdy vs Overberg, 28-5
Amdec Blitz vs Paul Roos, 22-21
Outeniqua vs Paulus Joubert, 40-5
Monument vs Milnerton, 51-0
Paarl Boys’ High vs Paarl Barbarians, 5-5
Durbanville vs Paul Roos, 33-`10
Tygerberg vs Overberg, 24-12
Garsfontein vs Douglas, 33-5
Boland Landbou vs Monument, 26-19
Paarl Gim vs Paarl Barbarians, 24-0
Brackenfell vs Paulus Joubert, 14-5
Garsfontein vs Stellenberg, 26-0
Durbanville vs Amdec Blitz, 28-19
Drostdy vs Tygerberg, 38-0
Outeniqua vs Brackenfell, 31-5
Outeniqua vs Paulus Joubert, 40-5
Paarl Gim vs Hermanus, 48-12
Monument vs Milnerton, 51-0
Noordheuwel vs Brackenfell, 26-24
Paarl Boys’ High vs Paarl Barbarians, 5-5
Boland Landbou vs VUKA SA Legends, 38-0



Hermanus vs Douglas, 28-19
Tygerberg vs VUKA Legends, 22-17
Paarl Barbarians vs Parel Vallei, 34-0
Overberg vs Paulus Joubert, 20-0

Paarl Gim vs Brackenfell, 40-0
Boland Landbou vs Stellenberg, 26-21
Paul Roos vs Noordheuwel, 38-5
Amdec Blitz vs Milnerton, 36-7

Affies vs Drostdy, 45-14
Oakdale vs Garsfontein, 19-14
Monument vs Outeniqua, 38-21
Paarl Boys’ High vs Durbanville, 12-7



Hermanus vs Overberg, 31-19
Paarl Barbarians vs Tygerberg, 21-12

Paarl Gim vs Amdec Blitz, 26-17
Paul Roos vs Boland Landbou, 26-17

Paarl Boys’ High vs Affies, 17-14
Monument vs Oakdale, 31-22


Hermanus vs Paarl Barbarians, 19-10

Paarl Gimnasium vs Paul Roos, 24-10

Paarl Boys’ High vs Monument, 24-7

Under-15 Results

Pool Matches

Durbanville vs Paul Roos, 21-14
Paarl Boys’ High vs Tygerberg, 35-0
Drostdy vs Hermanus, 29-14
Paarl Gim Uitnodiging vs Believe Sport Ministries, 40-0
Connect Academy vs Edgemead, 51-0
Boland Landbou vs Paulus Joubert, 42-0
Outeniqua vs Worcester, 21-7
Paarl Gim vs Milnerton, 52-7
Stellenberg vs Brackenfell, 27-5
Oakdale vs VUKA SA Legends, 41-10
Paarl Barbarians vs Overberg, 21-5
Parel Vallei vs Douglas, 5-0
Paarl Boys’ High vs Connect Academy, 26-14
Boland Landbou vs Drostdy, 19-17
Paul Roos vs Paarl Gim Uitnodiging, 17-14
Tygerberg vs Edgemead, 31-0
Hermanus vs Paulus Joubert, 24-10
Durbanville vs Believe Sport Ministries, 38-12
Paarl Gim vs Overberg, 82-0
Parel Vallei vs Stellenberg, 7-5
Oakdale vs Outeniqua, 21-19
Paarl Barbarians vs Milnerton, 26-5
Brackenfell vs Douglas, 50-7
Worcester vs VUKA SA Legends, 52-19
Boland Landbou vs Hermanus, 40-19
Paul Roos vs Believe Sport Ministries, 31-7
Tygerberg vs Connect Academy, 26-22
Drostdy vs Paulus Joubert, 47-5
Paarl Gim Uitnodiging vs Durbanville, 29-10
Paarl Boys’ High vs Edgemead, 62-0
Stellenberg vs Douglas, 46-0
Oakdale vs Worcester, 28-7
Paarl Gim vs Paarl Barbarians, 48-0
Brackenfell vs Parel Vallei, 21-10
Outeniqua vs VUKA SA Legends, 43-0
Milnerton vs Overberg, 19-14


Hermanus vs Edgemead, 38-10
Milnerton vs VUKA SA legends, 24-0
Believe Sports vs Overberg, 14-7
Douglas vs Paulus Joubert, 20-0

Worcester Gim vs Brackenfell, 21-15
Connect Academy vs Paul Roos, 15-14
Parel Vallei vs Tygerberg, 35-26
Durbanville vs Paarl Barbarians, 40-0

Paarl Gim vs Outeniqua, 12-10
Paarl Boys’ High vs Drostdy, 24-19
Boland Landbou vs Paarl Gim Uitnodiging, 24-12
Oakdale vs Stellenberg, 40-7


Hermanus vs Douglas, 38-12
Milnerton vs Believe Sports, 19-7

Durbanville vs Worcester Gim, 26-12
Connect Academy vs Parel Vallei, 47-7

Paarl Gimnasium vs Oakdale, 24-0
Boland Landbou vs Paarl Boys’ High, 21-14


Hermanus vs Milnerton, 33-12

Connect Academy vs Durbanville, 24-19

Paarl Gimnasium vs Boland Landbou, 27-14

PV: 194