Mon 22 Apr 2019 | 10:32

Results of Six Battered Festivals

Results of Six Battered Festivals
Mon 22 Apr 2019 | 10:32
Results of Six Battered Festivals

Five big Easter Festivals were held in Gauteng and another one near Durban. All six were battered by rain (unpleasant) and lightning (dangerous).

In some cases, there was play on only one-and-a-half days. Best off was the Kearsney Festival down at Botha’s Hill where almost all the matches were played.

Below we give the results of the festivals in as far as we can get them. We give the results only of completed matches, except for the Paarl Boys’ High-Nelspruit match which was almost done.

We have not divided the results into days but instead have alphabetical order which shows a team’s level of success more clearly.

St Stithians Easter Festival

Grey PE vs Michaelhouse, 43-7
King David Linksfield vs Michaelhouse XV, 25-15
Kingswood vs Trinityhouse, 31-0
Maritzburg College vs Kingswood College, 38-7
Maritzburg College vs Parktown, 31-5
Michaelhouse vs St Stithians, 22-20
Prince Edward (Zimbabwe) vs Parktown, 28-19
Rondebosch vs Grey PE, 18-17
Rondebosch vs Northcliff, 38-5
Rondebosch vs St Andrew’s College, 17-10
SACS vs Kingswood, 20-10
SACS vs Prince Edward (Zimbabwe), 34-14
St Andrew’s College vs Michaelhouse, 28-
St Andrew’s College vs Parktown, 68-019
St Stithians vs Prince Edward (Zimbabwe), 48-12

St John’s Easter Festival

Daniël Pienaar vs Graeme, 15-7
Golden Lions President’s XV vs St David’s Marist Inanda vs Lions XV, 19-12
Graeme vs St Charles, 19-10
Helpmekaar vs St Alban’s, 33-19
Helpmekaar vs Stellenberg, 10-8
Nelspruit vs St David’s Marist Inanda, 25-7
New South Wales Combined High Schools vs Noordheuwel, 38-19
New South Wales Combined High Schools vs St Alban’s, 22-7
Paarl Boys’ High vs Nelspruit, 40-0
Paarl Boys’ High vs Lions XV, 66-7
Paarl Boys’ High vs Windhoek Gym, 64-0
St Charles vs Daniël Pienaar, 22-0
St John’s vs Noordheuwel, 17-7
Stellenberg vs Nelspruit, 13-5
Windhoek Gym vs Graeme, 37-24

KES Easter Festival

Ben Vorster vs Dale, 49-46
Ben Vorster vs Florida, 43-13
Eldoraigne vs Nico Malan, 33-6
KES vs Hentie Cilliers, 36-15
Marais Viljoen vs Marlow, 33-4
Marlow vs Eldoraigne, 33-31
Northwood vs Hentie Cilliers, 66-0
Northwood vs Queen’s College, 31-7
Waterkloof vs Hudson Park, 36-25
Westville vs Nico Malan, 34-0
Westville vs Queen’s College, 50-12
Wynberg vs Hudson Park, 37-0

Kearsney Easter Festival

Dr EG Jansen vs DHS, 39-12
Framesby vs Kearsney College, 26-21
Framesby vs Welkom Gimnasium, 25-25
Glenwood vs Dr EG Jansen, 27-26
Glenwood vs Transvalia, 38-7
HTS Drostdy vs DHS, 27-19
HTS Middelburg vs HTS Drostdy, 19-14
HTS Middelburg vs Pretoria Boys High, 32-27
Noord-Kaap vs Dr EG Jansen, 24-21
Noord-Kaap vs HTS Middelburg, 27-21
Pretoria Boys High vs Kearsney, 27-11
Pretoria Boys High vs Transvalia, 22-17
Selborne vs Framesby, 20-14
Selborne vs Noord-Kaap, 29-10
Transvalia vs DHS, 34-12
Welkom Gimnasium vs HTS Drostdy, 32-16
Welkom Gimnasium vs Kearsney, 21-8

Krugersdorp High School Easter Festival

CBC Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) vs Roodepoort 12-6
Dundee vs Krugersdorp High School, 21-7
Dundee vs Petra High (Zimbabwe), 42-5
Kagiso Stingers vs CBC Bulawayo (Zimbabwe), 19-17
Kagiso Stingers vs Roodepoort 13-3
Monnas Kwaggas vs Randburg 24-7
Randburg vs Dundee 28-10
Randburg vs Eye Of The Tiger, 19-14
Roodepoort vs Petra High (Zimbabwe), 28-19

St Dunstan’s College Easter Festival

Centurion vs Hellenic Academy. 72-7
De La Salle Holy Cross vs HTS Tuine, 29-19
HeronBridge vs De La Salle Holy Crtoss, 76-7
HeronBridge vs St Dunstan’s, 48-0
Reddam Bedfordview vs HTS Tuine, 32-5
Reddam Bedfordview vs Stanford Lake, 33-26
St Benedict’s 2nd XV vs St Peter’s, 14-10
St Benedict’s vs Falcon College (Zimbabwe), 17-15
St John’s (Zimbabwe) vs Springs Boys’ High, 36-28

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