Thu 17 May 2018 | 03:24

The Farmers come to Town

The Farmers come to Town
Thu 17 May 2018 | 03:24
The Farmers come to Town

Small in numbers, the Farmers are never to be taken for granted, as the Southern Suburbs schools battle to keep up with the "country" schools, including Boland Landbou, whom Bishops first played in 1982. In 1985 Bishops won 59-3 and in 2008 they won an astonishing 80-5. That won't happen this Saturday.

Recent Results

2014: Bishops won 29-25
2015: Boland Landbou won 39-38
2016: Boland Landbou won 47-19
2017: Boland Landbou won 48-14

Boland Landbou are amongst the most respected rugby sides in South Africa. 

Season so Far

Currently Boland Landbou are ranked 11th on the Top 20, Bishops 19th. That means they are high on the list of top achievers amongst South African schools' 1st XVs..

Bishops have lost just one of their seven matches – 44-21 to the rampant Paul Roos side.

Boland Landbou have lost five of their 11 matches but they have played strong opposition – seven  Top 20 teams against Bishops's two. Their last match was a shock – losing 33-20 to Framesby in Port Elizabeth.

Achievers in 2017

The players of both schools are eligible to play for Western Province

Craven Week

In 2017 there was one player from Boland Landbou, Duren Hoffman, who is not playing this year. There was none from Bishops last year.

Academy Week
Justin Muller

Grant Khomo Week
: Liam Kloosman


Bishops: 15 Liam Kloosman, 14 Michael Roche, 13 Harry Newman, 12 Victor Allen, 11 Bingo Ivanisevic, 10 Jordan Meyer, 9 William Rose, 8 Isaiah Wharton, 7 Ano Mtombeni, 6 Justin Muller (captain), 5 Tim Sharples, 4 Matt van Westenbrugge, 3 Oliver MacRobert, 2 Alex Castle, 1 Aidan Macdonald

Boland Landbou: 15 Darren Hendricks, 14 Hanro-Daniël van der Merwe, 13 Sebastian de Klerk, 12 Erik Lambrecht, 11 Bertus Baard, 10 Franna du Toit, 9 Gavin Mills, 8 JW Snyman, 7 Thys Kitshoff, 6 Reinardt Spies, 5 Louis-Dirk Human, 4 Schalk Bezuidenhout (captain), 3 RJ van der Merwe, 2 Tehan du Plessis, 1 Hen-Ko Smuts

Date: Saturday, 19 May 2018
1st XV kick-off: 12.00
Venue: Piley Roos Field, Bishops
Expected weather conditions: Partly cloudy with a high if 26°C and a low of 14°C
Referee: Nathan Swartz (Western Province Referees' Society)

Match Programme – 19 May 2018

The main rugby field, called the first team field, was named after the longest-serving coach David Rees whose nickname is of much-speculated origin. The Sahara was first used in 1922 as New Field but was soon called the Sahara because it was so dry and grassless.

The three rugby fields on Top Field were named after what they were next to. Of the three the Avenue still applies because it is obvious. But the shooting range has been moved and the cemetery deconsecrated is no a hockey astroturf. But the names continue.

Piley Rees
08.30: Under-15D
09.30: 3rd XV
10.40: 2nd XV
12.00: 1st XV

08.30: 6th XV
09.40: 5th XV
10.50: 4th XV

08.30: Under-16B
09.40: Under-16A
10.50: Under-16C

08.30: Under-15C
09.30: Under-15B
10.30: Under-15A

08.30: Under-14B
09.30: Under-14C
10.30: Under-14A

PV: 61
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