Fri 17 May 2019 | 09:35

Tough One for Kearsney

Tough One for Kearsney
Fri 17 May 2019 | 09:35
Tough One for Kearsney

It’s a pleasant trip up from the coast to Botha’s Hill – and in KZN the Both part of Botha rhymes with growth and sloth. It is a leafy part of the world, borderline rural, a lovely place to be in autumn.

Season So Far

Glenwood started the season well but then banged into three tough sides – Monnas, Garsfontein and Paarl Boys’ High who beat them 55-7. Glenwood have won seven of their 10 matches.

Kearsney, whose opposition has not been as demanding as Glenwood’s, have won five of their 10 matches.

The only opposition the two schools have in common is Maritzburg College. Glenwood beat College 15-7; College beat Kearsney 14-12.

Glenwood are ranked 16th on the Schools Top 20. Kearsney are not ranked.


Of the Kearsney side, Derick Marshall, Connor de Bruyn and Massimo Fierro have been chosen for the Sharks at the 2019 Craven Week.. In addition Oliver Carmody is in the Academy Week side.

Kearsney: 15 Derick Marshall, 14 Josh Muller, 13 Connor De Bruyn, 12 Luke Wilson, 11 Luke Dudley, 10 Matthew Hind, 9 Cade Carmichael, 8 Massimo Fierro, 7 Aaron Smith, 6 Carlo Miller, 5 Dean Burrell, 4 Timothy Patton, 3 Oliver Carmody (captain), 2 Reid Stuart, 1 Bradley Taylor

Joe Jonas, now a fullback, was wing for the Sharks at the 2018 Craven Week. He is back captain Glenwood this year and often playing scrumhalf.

Henk Gouws, Sikholise Nanto and Nico Steyn all went to the Grant Khomo Week in 2018.

Prop Blaine Golden was awarded a Sharks Academy bursary at Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival this year.

Blaine Golden, Nico Steyn and Jordan Hendrikse have been selected to represent KZN at the 2019 Craven Week and hooker Sikholise Nanto is in the Academy side.

Glenwood: 15 Joe Jonas (captain), 14 Katleho Thinyane, 13 Steven Gibb, 12 Bani Holtzhousen, 11 Carlo Cloete, 10 Jordan Hendrikse, 9 Nico Steyn, 8 Ethan Smit, 7 Henk Gouws, 6 Arthur Heymans, 5 Ben Botha, 4 Ivan Walker, 3 Blaine Golden, 2 Sikholise Nanto, 1 Kyle Erasmus

Date: 18 May 2019
1st XV kick-off: 15.00
Venue: Stott Field at Kearsney
Expected weather conditions: Partly cloudy with a high of 26°C and a low of 16°C. Autumn is a lovely time of the year in Durban.

Rugby Programme – 18 May 2019

Stott Field
07.45: 5th XV
08.55: 4th XV
10.05: 3rd XV
12.30: Under-16A
13.45: 2nd XV
15.00: 1st XV

Osler Field
07.45: Under-16D
08.55: Under-16C
10.05: Under-16B

Matterson Field
08.00: Under-15C
09.00: Under-15B
10.00: Under-15A
13.00: Under-15D

AH Smith Oval
08.00: Under-14D
09.00: Under-14A
10.00: Under-14C
13.00: Under-14B

Kearsney vs Glenwood since 2010

2010: Glenwood won 21-17
2011: Glenwood won 20-16
2012: Kearsney won 20-12
2013: Kearsney won 26-25
2014: Glenwood won 86-13
2015: Kearsney won 13-11
2016: Glenwood won 21-7
2017: Glenwood won 59-7
2018: Glenwood won 58-8

PV: 773

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