Thu 26 Jul 2018 | 08:49

When Farm meets Farm

When Farm meets Farm
Thu 26 Jul 2018 | 08:49
When Farm meets Farm

Marlow leave their sheep farming in the valley of the Great Fish River and head southwest to the mixed farming of lovely Riversdale in the valley of the Sleeping Beauty.

both are agricultural schools founded at about the same time, in the second quarter of the 20th century. Oakdale is named for the farm that became the school, Marlow for a siding some seven kilometres outside of Cradock, and the siding got its name from a 19th century railway engineer whose surname was Marlow. Putting Marlow into reverse, gave them, appropriately, Wolram, the schools nickname.

Like Boland Landbou, they are small schools when compared to the rugby opposition whom they take on. Oakdale has just over 400 boys, Marlow just over 200. They both punch above their weight, Oakdale generally more successfully.

They are two schools that get on particularly wee, though there is a break with tradition this year. When it’s Marlow’s home match, Marlow staff take the Oakdale staff hunting. When it’s an Oakdale home match, the Oakdale staff take the Marlow staff fishing. But not this year. This year they will play golf instead.

Season So Far

Oakdale is probably still enjoying the euphoria of beating mighty Paarl Boys’ High and that in Paarl. Marlow, too, had and encouraging victory over St Andrew’s of Grahamstown in Grahamstown.

Oakdale have the same starting team that played against Paarl Boys’ High last week.

Oakdale are ranked a high fourth on the Top 20 while Marlow are in a small, strong group just below the Top 20.

Oakdale have won 11 of their 13 matches, Marlow 10 out of 15 as they travel South Africa looking for a game. They have each played four teams on the Top 20 but they have no opponents in common.


Oakdale’s players are eligible for South Western Districts and dominate its teams. Marlow’s players are eligible for Eastern Province.

Craven Week

Oakdale: Clyde Lewis, Trevino Gordon, Janco Klinck, Henco Beukes, Joaquin Taute, Etienne Steyn, JD Strydom, Derick Jooste, Hannes Gous, Pierre Uys, Pieter Maritz, Keano Hendricks, Magnus Muller, Vernon Paulo

Marlow: Lennox Holster, Wiehann Pretorius, Jaco Nell, Claude Jacobs

Academy Week

Oakdale: Hendrik Victor, Stefan van den Bergh, Neil Francis

Marlow:  Ambesa Zenzile, Hlumelo Gumatana, SJ Pretorius, Joop Pasques


Oakdale: 15 Clyde Lewis, 14 Trevino Gordon, 13 Janco Klinck, 12 Etienne Steyn, 11 Joaquin Taute, 10 Jan Daniël Strydom, 9 Derick Jooste, 8 Le Roux Pepler, 7 Henco Beukes, 6 Jaco Bruwer, 5 Hannes Gous (captain), 4 Pierré-Raymond Uys, 3 Pieter Maritz, 2 Keano Hendricks, 1 Magnus Muller

Marlow:  15 Ambesa Zenzile, 14 Troy Delport, 13 Lennox Holster, 12 Juanré Snyman, 11 Tiaan Pretorius, 10 Claude Jacobs, 9 Jaco Nell, 8 Driekus Venter, 7 Leon Cordier, 6 Hlumelo Gumatana, 5 Deandré Van der Merwe, 4 SJ Pretorius, 3 Wiehann Pretorius, 2 Joop Pasques, 1 Johan Botha

Date: 28 July 2018
1st XV kick-off: 12.10
Venue: Hoër Landbouskool Oakdale, Riversdale
Expected weather conditions: Partly cloudy after rain in the previous days with a high of 19°C and a low of 6°C

Rugby Programme – 28 July 2018

Oakdale vs Marlow and Others

De Eike-veld
08.30: Under-16A
09.40: 3rd XV
10.50: 2nd XV
12.10: 1st XV

08.30: 4th XV
09.30: Under-16C vs York
10.35: Under-16B

De Tuine
08.30: Under-15B
09.40: Under-15C vs York
10.50: Under-15A

De Boord
08.30: Under-15D vs Melkhoutfontein
10.50: 5th XV

08.30: Under-14B
09.30: Under-14C vs York
10.30: Under-14A

PV: 424

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