Mon 16 Jul 2018 | 11:06

Winter Festivals' Results

Winter Festivals' Results
Mon 16 Jul 2018 | 11:06
Winter Festivals' Results

The Hoërskool Swartland’s Winter Festival for 1st XVs in Malmesbury, was played on Thursday, 12 July 2018 and Saturday 14 July 2018. There was a festival at Hoërskool Brackenfell for Under-16, Under- 15 and Under-14 teams.

Most of the schools at the Swartland Festival were from the Western Cape but there were also Manchester Grammar and Pate’s Grammar, which, like Manchester Grammar, was founded in the 16th century in Cheltenham, Gill College from Somerset East, Volkskool of Graaff-Reinet and Despatch from near Port Elizabeth.

The scores in Malmesbury suggest ,many none-sided encounters. Those at the three age-group tournament at Hoërskool Brackenfell are closer. One was even 8-5.

Swartland Winter Festival

Results Day 1

Swartland vs Pate’s Grammar, 49-14
Durbanville vs Piketberg, 68-0
DF Malan vs Schoonspruit, 33-21
Gill College vs Vredenburg, 27-10
President vs Pate’s Grammar B, 56-7
Strand vs Volkskool, 33-8
Bellville vs Despatch, 26-12
Tygerberg vs Worcester Gym, 26-0

Results Day 2

DF Malan vs Despatch, 26-5
Strand vs Gill College, 24-17
Brackenfell vs Volkskool, 33-19
Durbanville vs Pate’s Grammar, 52-5
Tygerberg High vs Piketberg, 29-5
Bellville High vs Hopefield, 19-6
Schoonspruit vs Manchester Grammar, 52-7
Swartland vs Labori, 52-21
Vredenburg vs Manchester Grammar 2nd XV, 51-12.

Brackenfell Festival Results

Under-16 Day 1

Brackenfell vs De Kuilen, 29-10
Swartland vs Monumentpark, 28-3
Bellville vs Humansdorp, 38-0
Weston vs DF Malan, 12-10
invitation XV vs HTS Bellville, 20-12
Tygerberg vs Hopefield, 19-10

Under-16 Day 2

Stellenberg vs Humansdorp, 52-0
Bellville vs Hopefield, 28-3
Tygerberg vs De Kuilen, 29-13
Paarl Gim vs Invitation XV, 41-0
HTS Bellville vs Weston, 29-27
DF Malan vs Swartland, 17-5
Rondebosch vs Brackenfell, 14-13
Stellenberg vs Monumentpark, 30-0

Under-15 Day 1

Rondebosch vs Bellville 38-5
Hopefield vs DF Malan, 17-0
HTS Bellville vs Weston, 22-7
Stellenberg vs Nico Malan, 28-19
Brackenfell vs De Kuilen, 26-10
Wynberg vs Tygerberg, 19-3

Under-15 Day 2

Oakdale vs Brackenfell, 49-3
Rondebosch vs Nico Malan, 25-0
Stellenberg vs Wynberg 17-7
Hopefield vs Bellville, 17-10
DF Malan vs Weston, 38-0
Tygerberg vs De Kuilen, 16-8
Stellenberg vs HTS Bellville, 31-8

Under-14 Day 1

Rondebosch vs Bellville, 52-3
DF Malan vs Weston, 36-17
Wynberg vs Tygerberg, 36-3

Under-14 Day 2

Bellville vs Tygerberg, 21-10
Brackenfell vs Weston, 32-5
Rondebosch vs DF Malan, 57-0
Wynberg vs Stellenberg, 8-5.

Thanks to Die Burger for results.

PV: 820

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