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Tue 12 Sep 2006 | 12:00

“Go West, young man.” That was the American exhortation as the country opened up. Port Elizabeth could not go east as it would then tumble down the hill and into Algoa Bay. Instead it went west along the Cape Road, and where the Cape Road meets the Kragga Kamma Road is the upmarket suburb of Framesby.

The suburb took its name from the Frames family that owned the farm which became the suburb. The first Frames to come to ther Eastern Cape arrived before there was even a Port Elizabeth.William Frames bought himself out of his apprenticeship on a whaler and settled in Uitenhage in 1815. He acquired many farms, including Frames’ Drift, Deal Party Estate and half of the dairy farm Nooitgedacht that later became Theescombe. One of the Frames family, Percy Ross Frames, became the first president of the South African Rugby Board. His father, William Minett Frames, along with two brothers, moved north with the discovery of diamonds but Percy Ross Frames was born in Port Elizabeth in 1863. He later became the chairman of De Beers and Premier Diamond Mining. He was one of 15 children.


Hoërskool Framesby was founded in 1966 and is the biggest Afrikaans-medium school in Port Elizabeth with just over a thousand pupils, just under a half of whom are boys.

In its 40 years the school’s achievements have made it one of the top high schools in the Eastern Cape.

Motto: Handhaaf and Bou – Preserve and Develop.

The school song:

Te handhaaf en bou is ons leuse,
Dit na te volg eie keuse.
Ons neem al die mooi uit
ons roemryke verlede,
En bou daarop graag,
‘n eervolle hede
Wat sal skitter en blink
Soos die jare wyd kring
As ‘n taak met voldoening

Handhaaf en bou
Ons sal getrou,
Trots op ons nasie wees
En met ‘n suiwer gees
Gee wat ons land van ons vra
Ons staan in diens van Suid-Afrika


Rugby plays an important part in Framesby’s life and achievements. As a co-ed school without a boarding establishment, it does remarkably well, able to compete with the best in South Africa.

Each year it has great rivalry with Grey High, HTS Daniël Pienaar, Die Brandwag, Marlow, Outeniqua and Oakdale.  It gets invitations to many festivals and takes part at Oakdale, Paarl Gim (Under-16), Graeme, Outeniqua and Grey PE.

Framesby puts 14 teams into the field each week. Coaching is of a high standard and the game is played with earnestness and enthusiasm.

Some 87 Framesby pupils have been to Craven Week up to 2006, nine of whom played for South African schools. Two boys have captained South African Schools – Roelof Viljoen, a Springbok who like his Springbok father is called Joggie, and Bazil de Koning. In 2005.

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