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School Profile

In 1974 THS Sasolburg  had a relatively inauspicious start as a division of Sasolburg High School. The total number of standard 6 and seven learners (Grade 8 &9) was 196.  At first the workshops were housed in prefab buildings but in 1975 the technical workshops were completed. These workshops were opened by Mr WJ Coetzee, the Director of Education in the OFS.The ceremony was also attended by the Chairperson of SASOL, Mr J Stegmann.  Mr SJP Erasmus were the first Head of Department of the Technical Division.
In 1979 Sasolburg High School and Afrikaans High School moved to new premises and the Technical School remained in the existing building. This building was upgraded and in 1985 THS became proud owners of a gymnasium, library and state of the art technical workshops.
At the moment THS Sasolburg has plus minus 600 learners attending the school. The mission of the school is, to be a progressive school with Christian values, which endeavours to produce balanced and reliable pupils who are developed to their full potential, and who are equipped with the necessary skills to face a competitive fast-developing technological labour market in South Africa.’

School song

On 28 May 1979 Capt. J Botha wrote the words for the schoolsong of THS Sasolburg and Me. A Oosthuizen wrote the music. Mr P.P.A. Schoeman the first Headmaster of THS Sasolburg received it for Capt. Botha and Me. Oosthuizen.

Always onward we shall strive
In our faith, our deed and thought
Always striving is our motto
Loyal to God who fails us nought
Our foundations firmly seated
Our school needs faithful deed
Always striving ne’er defeated
You to serve our loyal creed

School Information:

Name: HTS Sasolburg
Founded: 1974
Pupils: approx. 600
Motto: Semper Altius
Rugby jersey: Navy and white stripes, red collar and navy shorts

History of Town

The town was established in 1954 in order to provide housing and facilities for SASOL  employees. The initial installation (Sasol 1) was a pilot plant to refine oil from coal, due to the lack of petroleum reserves. The coal reserves of the country were and still are extensive. The political developments of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s (specifically the trade embargoes against the country) made the operation of the pilot plant priority. Plans were made for a production plant to be built in Eastern Transvaal to produce approximately 25% of the national requirements. The new town of Secunda was built to house the construction and operations staff of what became known as Sasol 2 and Sasol 3.

Sasolburg is at a high altitude, which gives the town a very dry climate. It is situated on the Vaal river, which separates the Free State from what was formerly the province of Transvaal, and is not far from the Vaal Dam. The Sasol Corporation has sponsored extensive infrastructure developments in Sasolburg, such as an Olympic size swimming pool, world class athletics facilities and a large number of churches can also be found in Sasolburg.

Rugby at HTS Sasolburg

THS Sasolburg has been a force to be reckoned with on the sport field for many years.   Apart from the ordinary school sports like rugby, athletics and cricket, we are to only school with action cricket and netball courts.  Many of our learners have obtained provincial and national colours for action cricket.

We also have a proud rugby legacy.Since 1979 no fewer than 73 boys were chosen for their respective Craven Week or Falcons teams. Piet Krause our Head Boy of 1991 was chosen as the captain of the South African Schools Team. Piet also played provincial rugby after school for the Falcons, Lions, Blue Bulls, Griquas and the up and coming Springboks. During his career Piet played 250 first class matches.

Apart from the fact that we have won more than 80% of the matches in the annual Rugby Derby against Sasolburg High, we remain the only Free State school that was able to win the Transvaal Administrators Cup for First Teams in 1986.

In 2007 the under-15 Spanner team became our pride and joy when they managed to win the Beeld trophy. After 30 years of rugby games against Sasolburg High School our enthusiasm has not diminished and Spanners still hang on to the old saying:  “It does not matter whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.”

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