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Top 20 - 22 May 2019

SCHOOLS SPOTLIGHT: Comparative peace has descended on our houses, after the upheavals of the first two weeks. There are changes but nothing like what has gone before.


What is clear is that it is going to take a mighty effort from a mighty team to unseat Grey College of Bloemfontein.

Some potential moves were stymied because potential replacements had not played, Paarl Boys’ High and Framesby, for example. But they will have their turn again soon – as when Boys’ High play Paul Roos this weekend.

Relevant Results

*These concern the top nine places:

Grey College vs Affies, 50-28
Paarl Gym vs Paul Roos, 42-15
Monument vs Garsfontein, 32-29
Rondebosch vs SACS, 27-8

Paul Roos were candidates for demotion after their big loss, but neither of the two teams just below them played.


Then Monnas beat Garsies in Pretoria, not by much but so they swap places.

Affies lost, but then it was to Grey College and not all that badly.

KES vs St John’s, 28-28
Menlopark vs Waterkloof, 55-21
Grey High School vs Graeme, 73-12
Bishops vs Wynberg, 60-40

KES’s draw is not a great result for them while Menlopark had a big win over fellow Pretorians, Waterkloof. Menlo leap up three places.


The size of Grey PE’s win gets them up as well.

Bishops also move up a place.

Outeniqua vs Oakdale, 23-17
Glenwood vs Kearsney, 52-15
St Andrew’s vs Cambridge, 93-0
Diamantveld vs Bethlehem Voortrekker, 51-31

The only change in the last six places is a leg up for St Andrew’s after their massive win.

*Results that concern the pressure group are:

Dale vs Grens, 33-20
Duineveld vs Noord-Kaap, 33-26
Helpmekaar vs Dr EG Jansen, 48-37
Hilton vs Westville, 25-22
Northwood vs Michaelhouse, 20-13
Diamantveld vs Bethlehem Voortrekker, 51-31

And so, this is how things stand

Top 20 – 22 May 2019

1 Grey College
2 Paarl Gim
3 Paul Roos
4 Paarl Boys’ High
5 Framesby
6 Garsfontein
7 Monument
8 Affies
9 Rondebosch
10 Menlopark
11 Grey High
12 KES
13 Bishops
14 Waterkloof
15 Outeniqua
16 Glenwood
17 St Andrew’s of Grahamstown
18 Stellenberg
19 Selborne
20 Diamantveld

Pressure group: Boland Landbou, Dale, Drostdy, Duineveld, Helpmekaar, Hilton, Northwood, Oakdale, Welkom Gimnasium, Westville, Wynberg.

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