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Tue 19 Apr 2016 | 12:56

Schools Top 20 - April 19

Schools Top 20 - April 19
Tue 19 Apr 2016 | 12:56
Schools Top 20 - April 19

Just before we get onto that, there was sad news at the end of last week when Professor Tim Dunne of UCT's statistics department was killed in a motor accident. He helped us to develop the method we use for drawing up the Top 20.

There were some results that beggared belief and we have had to take them into consideration, starting with Ben Vorster's victory over Jeppe and Daniël Pienaar's win over Grey PE.

Affies, Paarl Boys' High and Glenwood all had particularly big wins but then the questions started to be asked.

Relevant results

Affies vs Diamantveld, 64-17
Paarl Boys High vs Bishops, 58-12
Glenwood vs Michaelhouse, 56-5             
Ben Vorster vs Jeppe, 34-19                                       
Paarl Gym vs Paul Roos, 28-24                    
Queen’s vs Selborne, 33-29                        
Dr EG Jansen vs HTS Middelburg, 24-21
Garsfontein vs Eldoraigne, 31-22
Daniël Pienaar vs Grey HS, 24-20
Grey College vs Louis Botha, 50-0 (match stopped early in the second half)
Monument vs Rustenburg, 46-12
Oakdale vs HTS Drostdy, 26-13   
Boland Landbou vs SACS, 28-18
Die Brandwag vs Marlow, 25-3
Hilton vs Kearsney, 31-23
Waterkloof vs KES, 30-14

The beneficiaries of these results have been Dr EG Jansen, Garsies, Paarl Gim, Grey Bloem, Monnas, Queen's, Boland Landbou, Danile Pienaar, Ben Vorster, Die Brandwag and Hilton.

Top 20 – April 19

1 Affies
2 Paarl Boys' High
3 Glenwood
4 Dr EG Jansen
5 Garsfontein
6 Paarl Gim
7 Grey Bloem
8 Monument
9 Dale
10 Jeppe
11 Paul Roos
12 Selborne                                       
13 Oakdale
14 Queen's
15 Grey PE
16 Helpmekaar
17 Boland Landbou
18 Outeniqua
19 HTS Middelburg
20 Diamantveld

The pressure group below these outstanding school teams consists of Ben Vorster, Daniël Pienaar, Eldoraigne, Die Brandwag, Hilton, Nelspruit and Waterkloof.

PV: 146

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