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The World's most boring match

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: It was a mixed bag last weekend for the rugby world, as the unbridled intensity of England’s win over the All Blacks in the World Cup semi-final fizzled into the tedium of a kicking battle 24 hours later in South Africa’s win over Wales.


The Springboks won the game 19-16, but it was far from an engrossing match. Both side’s reluctance to attack kept the game close on the scoreboard throughout and that at least ramped up the nerves, as there was something major at stake.

The same could not be said for a match played across the ocean.

In terms of boring matches, the semi-final was easily eclipsed by the Pro14 contest between Zebre and Leinster played the day before in Parma, in which the reigning champions won 3-0 in wet conditions.

The good thing that often comes from games like these is the reaction on social media, particularly as this may have been the first time that a team came away with more league points than they actually scored in the match.

Moreover, with Leicester City winning 9-0 the day before against Southampton in football’s Premier League, the fact that only a third of the points were scored the following day makes the game all the more bizarre.

This was the reaction:


Leinster are still missing all of their players who represented Ireland at the World Cup. They will give the Pro14 side a major boost upon their return. Regardless, Leinster fans, and indeed all rugby fans, will hope that there will be no more games like this in the interim.


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