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Fri 26 Apr 2019 | 11:11

World Rugby backs 'radical' plan to grow rugby

World Rugby backs 'radical' plan to grow rugby
Fri 26 Apr 2019 | 11:11
World Rugby backs 'radical' plan to grow rugby

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: World Rugby is in full support of Fiji’s Olympic sevens gold medal-winning coach Ben Ryan’s five-a-side indoor concept.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Ryan’s project ‘Rugby X’ – featuring men’s and women’s international players – is scheduled to launch at London’s 02 Arena on October 29.

The New Zealand media outlet also stated that the format, who has the backing of World Rugby, is an attempt to draw a new audience to the sport at the elite end of the game while also attracting players at grassroots.

The five-a-side version features teams playing full contact in ten minute matches with no half-time. There are no lineouts, no restarts and no conversions of tries, while scrums are uncontested and rolling substitutions.

The event in October is set to feature six men’s teams and four women’s which are likely to be made up from a pool of international sevens players.

The laws of RugbyX are as per conventional rugby with the following exceptions:

*The pitch is 32m x 55m
*5 players per team
* 10 mins per match with no half time
* Rolling substitutes
* Uncontested 3 person scrums
* No line outs – the ball is returned to play by an “active substitute” (one for each team is positioned on each sideline) who is carrying a ball
* No conversions
* Post try restarts from the goal line not half way line
* Matches will be refereed by a team of RFU-certified officials from the Professional Game Match Officials Team (PGMOT)

World Rugby backs 'radical' plan to grow rugby

Source:  New Zealand Herald

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